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Meet The Stray

What dark desire animates this cold-hearted killer?

Stay alert as you travel through the frozen landscape: there are more deadly things here than the cold! Lurking in the snow are strays - ragged wanderers with baleful eyes and deadly bows, ever on the lookout for foolish warm-bloods intruding into their territory. And beware! Those arrowheads will do more than stick you - their icy tips will cast a freezing pall, slowing their hapless victim to a frosty shuffle.

The main intention behind the stray was to add some variation to the kinds of mobs you encounter in different biomes - so that each area of the world feels distinct.

Essentially the stray is a new kind of skeleton that will spawn in the frozen areas. They’re based on a concept that emerged from a game jam the Bellevue team had, where they were just adding a bunch of stuff to Minecraft - whatever they wanted. Jason Major made a bunch of cool mobs and I thought these particular ones fitted really well with what we were already planning. So we added them! Jens Bergensten

If you do best one of these bowmen, you have a fair chance of looting them of spare arrows tipped with the slowing potion. Since strays aren’t themselves immune to it, turning their own magic against them might just give you a chance to escape!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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