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Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

Meet the Creeper

From a safe distance, obvs

The story of the Creeper - it was supposed to be the pig, but Notch mixed the height and the width values, or the rotation of it, so it's standing up instead of lain horizontally. But it did have the AI behaviour of looking at the player. So he just thought it was extremely creepy, with this weird thing walking around, looking at you. So he decided to keep it as a monster. He wrote that a friend said it would be cool if it exploded *laughs* and that brought us to the Creeper.

The face was to clearly, with a limited number of pixels, make it look really dangerous. I think the green colour is supposed to be camouflage. But we're still debating - is it flesh? Or is it more like leaves? Or is it fur? You don't really know just by looking at the pixels. I know Junkboy debates that! *laughs*


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