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Flames of the Nether and free update coming to Minecraft Dungeons

This is not a drill! It’s DLC!

Look, I don’t break out the Caps Lock for just anything. I’m a (somewhat) calm and collected person. With that said, MINECRAFT DUNGEONS IS HEADING TO THE NETHER!! Whew, hitting that Caps Lock button really takes it out of you. I really should have paced myself because I have my work cut out for me with this article announcing everything that’s coming to Minecraft Dungeons on February 24.

The Flames of the Nether DLC will take you on a journey to the blazing heart of the Nether itself. Six new missions await you – featuring familiar biomes as you've never seen them before! Those who survive the adventure will collect new artifacts, weapons, and gear! I personally can’t wait to play these new missions. I just need to work up the guts to face the fiery wrath of the Nether’s most dangerous mobs. Very casual. Nothing worse than a Sunday brunch with the gals. On a less terrifying note, the DLC also includes two new skins and the adorable Baby Ghast pet! How can something so cute and precious grow up into something so bone-chillingly scary?  

Free Content

But we don’t just have the paid DLC coming out, we also have what might be the most ambitious free update in Minecraft Dungeons history! This update includes a major new feature called Ancient Hunts, which are procedurally-generated end-game missions that weave in and out of the Nether. Surviving these Ancient Hunts and beating the Ancient mobs within is the only way to get top-tier Gilded gear! There’s also a chance to get Gold, a new currency that a newly-arrived Piglin merchant in your camp will find very interesting! We’ll have more details about these new features as we get closer to release, so keep an eye on Minecraft.net for more information!  

Wow, we made it to the end of the post. Hah! You thought. There’s still one more part of the free update that I’ll be announcing now (please imagine the sound of a drumroll) – the free update also includes some changes to Apocalypse Plus, which will be talking more about within the next few days!

The free update and the Flames of the Nether DLC are both available on February 24! To learn more about these offers and how to get the DLC pack for your platform of choice, visit the Minecraft Dungeons website

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