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Dressed for success

Don your gear, Minecraft Dungeons is (almost) here!

Let me reveal a dark and terrible secret: I have an unimaginative sense of fashion. My black, t-shirt clad avatar is an accurate depiction of my being – what you see is what you get. I hate dressing up for any sort of festivity and tend to look like a worn-out scarecrow whenever I show myself in public. But despite my unembellished style (are black t-shirts even a style?), there's one thing that makes me want to put on my Sunday best: tomorrow’s worldwide release of Minecraft Dungeons. And that’s on a Tuesday, mind you!

In Minecraft Dungeons, you are what you wear. With a plethora of artifacts and items at your disposal, you can be almost anything; from ironclad warriors and explosive archers, to hard-hitting brawlers and chain-cursing axe wielders. The possibilities are endless, and as we’re about to brave the dungeons, we want to inspire you with a few collections of our own. And who else would be better to help than Minecraft.net’s very own fashionista, Kelsey

What now, she’s busy? How about Sofia or Cristina? Not available either? Alright then, I guess it falls on me, Minecraft.net’s very own rugged ragamuffin, to strike a pose and present you with the fanciest and deadliest outfits available in the Dungeons wardrobe.


Playing with fire is bad – unless you do it in Minecraft Dungeons. In that case, it's amazing. The game is littered with items that bring the heat to your gameplay, from fiery swords to explosive bows.

With this fire-themed outfit, you’ll be able to blaze through your enemies and turn them into toast – while looking fabulous! So whether you prefer your mobs original, medium-rare, or extra crispy, this hot outfit will incinerate any kind of foe.

Key items: Fox armor with fire trail enchantment, melee weapon with fire aspect enchantment, flaming quiver with any kind of bow.


There are two types of people that can move swiftly through a battlefield, hide in the shadows, and escape any challenge undetected: me (an expert deadline dodger) and ninjas. Let’s focus on the latter, as it makes for a far better Minecraft Dungeons outfit.

By utilizing items with speed, you can increase how fast you run and slash at enemies, creating an elusive fighter capable of both dealing and avoiding damage. Think of it as one of those horrifying dodgeball sessions you had in school: with nimble footwork, you can stay out of harm's way. Unlike me, when my editor (also me) finds out that this article is two weeks late. Whatever you do, don't tell him. I mean me.

Key items: Thief armor, dark katana, boots of swiftness, speed synergy enchantment, swiftfooted enchantment.


Saving the Overworld from evil can be a lonely, ungrateful job. For this reason, it’s important to focus on things that make you happy, such as silly TikTok videos, YouTube playthroughs, and friends (but mainly TikTok videos). This lumberjack-like outfit might not have access to all three, but it allows you to bring companions on your missions to support you in battle, enabling you to stand in the background to either cheer them on or attack with a ranged weapon. 

There are many different kinds of followers with all sorts of roles, but nothing feels more wholesome than to bring man’s best friend into the fray: the double axe! The wolf? No idea where it came from – it just follows me around for food. For a lumberjack outfit, this build sure has more bite than bark, but it allows you to both chop and chomp any evildoers blocking your way!

Key items: Well-trimmed beard (not an actual item), hunter’s armor, tasty bone.

Frost Warrior

I know what you’re thinking: “What is a hockey goalie doing in Minecraft Dungeons?” Well let me tell you, this icy defender has a chilling setup of weapons and armor that makes every foe shiver. Not out of fear, obviously – from standing too close to an outfit that is literally a freezer. This is handy, as it slows down your enemies’ movement and keeps them at arm’s – or scythe’s – length.

The armor, Frost Bite, has the ability to spawn a snowy companion and is also said to remember the icy winds which flowed beneath the wings of mighty Phantoms. That’s one specific (yet impressive) memory – I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast! Not sure about that mighty Phantoms part though. Anything that is afraid of cats can’t be that mighty...

Key items: Frost Bite with chilling enchantment, frost scythe, guardian bow, freezing enchantment.


Ever asked yourself if mobs have souls? You bet they have – and they’re very tasty, too! This soul-sucking outfit might make you look like a masked superhero, but you’re anything but. It consists of weird trinkets and occult weapons, focusing on stealing the souls of your opponents to turn them into raw energy that powers your weapon and artifact abilities.

Soul-based items can be difficult to acquire as they are fairly rare, but you just have to put your soul into it. Get it? Soul? Haaa... I’ll see myself out… :(

Key items: Souldancer robe, feral soul crossbow, torment quiver, corrupted beacon.

There you go, you’re ready for both the Minecraft Dungeons launch and Fashion Week! Or maybe you prefer to build your own outstanding outfit? Great! Once you get into the game, send us a screenshot of your favorite outfit to scoops@minecraft.net, along with the subject line DUNGEONS OUTFIT and we might feature it in an upcoming roundup article. Enjoy the launch!

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