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A rundown Victorian house covered in cobwebs, dead vines, and boarded up windows. With a giant spider and evil jack-o-lanterns out front.

Build Challenge: Spooktacular Surprises

With a chill in the air, we know that it’s that time of the year again where spooky things are afoot! The leaves turn orange, pumpkins get carved, cobwebs appear everywhere, and you’re lucky, you just might spot a skeleton, witch, or zombie!

We asked the community to shock and surprise us with some boo-tiful creations. The theme was Halloween! Build must be of a decent size and players were able to come together in teams of three. Read on to see which ones were frightfully delightful!  

1st place: SkyBlue2929

One look at this submission from SkyBlue2929 and you’ll feel a shiver down your spine. With a grimacing jack-o-lantern, a mansion you just know is haunted, and an overall ghoulish ambiance, you’ll be telling yourself “beware!” as you walk through the pumpkin patch. 

2nd place: sander

When thinking about spooky, a giant spider is sure to top the list. This rundown, Victorian- esque house by sander looks like it won’t be having visitors any time soon. Creepy jack-o-lanterns, leafy orange vines, and boarded-up windows definitely give off “do not enter” vibes.

3rd place: General

General’s submission is a gloriously frightful headless horseman. For their build they said their horseman is “breaking free from a statue, almost as if he has become unpetrified and is ready to go on the prowl again.” Yikes! At around 150 blocks tall, General used a shift from grey to black blocks to show the transition from statue to reality. 

Interested in joining the next challenge? Check out our Discord server and learn what the next theme is! 

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