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Bikini Bottom is back!

The SpongeBob DLC just got… spongier!

Time to switch that pickaxe for a spatula because the SpongeBob DLC is getting an update! Since the smash-hit release last year, Nickelodeon and Spark Universe have now pulled out the big blocks and added new features to Bikini Bottom. We’re talking new quests, updated interiors, added furniture, more character customization, new boatmobiles, and a haunted mini-game. Rumor has it, you also get a free Character Creator item: a Patrick t-shirt. Already visited Bikini Bottom? Then the update is free! Did somebody say best day ever?

We pick up where we left off: helping SpongeBob on his mission to give his friends in Bikini Bottom the best day ever. If you’ve played this vibrant DLC packed with nautical nostalgia before, you’ve already swung by SpongeBob’s pineapple pad, been awed by the blocky Jellyfish Fields, and put your patty-flipping skills to the test at the Krusty Krab. Perhaps you’ve even experienced the irresistible tune of a mayo-flute firsthand? Hard to beat, I know, which is why it’s all still there if you are tempted to dive back in. So, what about the new stuff? I’m glad you asked... 


Since our last trip below the surface, word of our good deeds has spread and more friends are lining up for a chance at having the best day ever, meaning there are two new quests for you to take on... 


The Flying Dutchman isn’t known to pass on treasure and has traveled across coral reefs and far away sand blocks to get his share of the best day ever. Unfortunately, his ship collided with the Kelp Forest and lost its cannons overboard! Use your parkour skills to help retrieve them so the ship can once again feel the waves in its sails. And remember, the goal is to have the best day ever, so why not take the cannons for a spin in the re-playable mini- game whilst you’re at it? 



Let’s be real here. Can anybody really have the best day ever without freshly baked pizza? I think not. Neither does Mr. Krabs who refuses to buy Pearl new boots unless she helps with the pizza deliveries. Give Pearl a hand getting the orders to the hungry residents of Bikini Bottom before they get cold so they can all have the best day ever! 


Like a wise, yellow sponge once said: “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich”. Luckily, that applies to the sweet new rides in this DLC, too! Take one of the new vehicles for a spin at Rock Bottom Racing and it's yours to keep driving afterwards. Cruise in style as you explore iconic locations like Jellyfish Fields or Goo Lagoon in this expansive subaquatic map. 

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