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Marketplace Pass for April 2024 including: The InsaneCraft Pack, Neon Teen skin pack, and the Legendary Texture Pack

April 2024: Marketplace content

New for Marketplace Pass & Realms Plus

Put on your finest adventure wear and prepare for lift off! It’s our first month covering Marketplace Pass and Realms Plus, and if you thought we’d hold back, you thought wrong. 21 eye-popping content packs are loaded up and ready for launch, so fasten your seatbelts – it’s time to shake things up and let this bottle rocket soar!

Hold up! What is Marketplace Pass?

In case you missed the announcement, Marketplace Pass is our newest and most affordable subscription that gets you access to 150+ pieces of ever-changing Minecraft Marketplace content. Realms Plus includes the same content catalog, but you also get a server for you and up to ten friends to play together across any Minecraft: Bedrock Edition device.

In a nutshell, both subscriptions are jam-packed with Marketplace fun – so let’s see what surprises they have in store for us this month...

Adventure World: InsaneCraft Pack 1.5

When I said we’d go big for April, I meant it. InsaneCraft pack 1.5 by Spark Universe is the largest survival expansion pack on Minecraft Marketplace and filled to the brim with add-ons from different themes. This means you’ll be able to play for days on end and still run into completely new structures, monsters, weapons, vehicles, animals, puzzles, pets, challenges, and much more.

The variety and randomness combined with the frequency of how these elements spawn makes for a wild gaming session where you never know what hides around the block. A fort full of hostile orcs floating in the sky? Modern mansions and corgis wearing propeller hats? A storm where it literally rains cats and dogs? I could go on, but I honestly don’t think you’d believe me. It’s random, it’s chaotic, it’s pretty much a Minecraft fever dream, which means not a dull moment in sight!

So grab a blocky ice cream, hop on a jet ski (or private jet, if you prefer), and see where the day takes you! Whatever it is you’ll run into, it’ll likely turn your blocky world uʍop ǝpᴉsdn – maybe even literally...

More adventure worlds:

Does it get more surprising than bopping a mystery block open with no idea what might spawn out of it? Hardly! Supercharged with four new lucky blocks, 125 possible events, plus plenty more mobs, traps, and rewards, this mini-game DLC will have you jumping with joy or panic sprinting the other way.

More mini-games:

Jukebox Head by Razzleberries: Nighttime. Strange noises. Alone in the forest. Or are you? RUN!

Land of Mutants by Jigarbov Productions: Uh-oh! A huge number of monstrous mutants, and they’re out to get you.

Custom Hearts by Glowfischdesigns: Stock up on protection with more custom hearts!

Multiplayer: Original Skyblock

Nothing like a desert island adventure to betray bond with friends! Load up this Survival world to your Realms Plus server and take your friendships (and feuds) to the next level – the sky. Spawning onto a mere few blocks, you have to scavenge, mine, and problem solve your way forward without falling off, or getting pushed. Includes a trading NPC!

More multiplayer adventures:

$1,000,000 Hide & Seek by Pixels & Blocks: Play a high-stakes game of hide and seek in a billionaire's mansion!

Skin pack: Neon Teen

Did I hit my head during the bottle rocket take-off? Maybe! But that’s not why I’m seeing literal stars. It’s because of the mythical themes of the Legendary Texture Pack by Pathway Studios! Decked out with 16 vibrant fantasy and medieval textures, a complete armor overhaul, and a mob redesign. Did Minecraft just become magical?

Character Creator items 

And before you set off into the unknown, don’t forget about your Character Creator items! Included in your subscription, these six wardrobe additions will not have you look fly in April but are yours to keep as soon as you’ve redeemed them.

Subscribe to Realms Plus or Marketplace Pass

If you want to get your hands on all this content and more, subscribe to Realms Plus or Marketplace Pass via your Minecrafting device! Both subscriptions get you access to over 150 pieces of ever-changing Minecraft Marketplace content – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more – the difference is who you can play with! Realms Plus includes a personal server for you and up to ten friends to play on together across devices. So if you want to challenge your friends to mini games, explore new worlds together, or take on build challenges as a team, we recommend Realms Plus. If you're more of a solo adventurer, then Marketplace Pass is the one for you. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the Realms Plus and Marketplace Pass site for more information on how you can join the fun!

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