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Minecraft 10 Year Anniversary Wrap-Up


You know when you’ve celebrated your birthday for three straight weeks with a few million of your closest friends and had cake for breakfast every day (except for that one Tuesday when you had pancakes stacked on top of each other to form a cake)?

No...? It’s just us? Well, then let me TELL YOU about it, because the month of May has been something else around here!

We started the month a bit backwards by giving birthday gifts to you! Such as the brilliant free anniversary map by Blockworks. And the trip to Minecraft: The Exhibition in Seattle (well, it’ll be a gift to the winner, anyway). And of course Minecraft Classic, proof that all you really need to have fun is 32 blocks, many more highly unpredictable bugs, and infinite creativity. Oh, and wool. Lots and lots of dyed wool. But don’t take my word for it, go play it for free in a browser near you!

We’ve also reveled in nostalgia over our #MinecraftMemories from the past decade, and found some of our favourite ones from your submissions. You won’t believe what TalkingTaco had to share. Can you live with the uncertainty? Luckily the (shocking) truth is just one click away.

Lastly, we had that Massive Minecraft Sale (our biggest ever!) and it looks like it’s still going for another weekend, so you can still catch a plush baby llama if you’re faster than it is.

And that was it! What a great extended birthday it’s been, thanks so much for following along and we’ll see you in 2029 for our 20-year anniv—wait, what do you mean “forgetting something”?

Ohhh, that’s right… We also announced a planet-wide makeover with Minecraft Earth, which we’re VERY excited about! And on that same day, MINECON Live got a new name, a new date and a new, pretty troubling trailer (did they repair that lovely set of ours yet?)

On the Minecraft Reddit, players have been baking cakes, writing letters (block letters only!) and designing skins. Kotaku was nice enough to collect some of the best posts here. Thanks for that!

Someone at a company called Tubular has apparently counted ALL the Minecraft videos you created and watched in the past 10 years (how did they find the time?) and according to them, you’ve watched blocks being arranged a whopping 436 BILLION times! Which sounds like a lot until you realise that Per Landin watched most of the ones featuring pandas all by himself. That’s several million right there!

From the very same website, we also learned that since 2015, coders in training around the world have completed nearly 130 MILLION Minecraft Hour of Code sessions. That makes us very excited for the future, as this was all made possible by people somehow learning to arrange those pesky 1’s and 0’s just right.

Happy birthday again, us!

Thomas Wiborgh
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