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Your cat could be in Minecraft

We're adding one lucky feline to the game!

Fame. Glory. Respect. Cats have dreamed of these things for millennia, but recently to little success. Whatever happened to the excellent PR team they had during the Ancient Egypt era? These days, a cat has to look angry in a YouTube video to get a solid career going. Humiliating.

But no more! Because today we're announcing a contest which gives you the opportunity to get your cat in Minecraft! Our excellent pixel artist, Jasper Boestra, has already designed loads of cute-tacular new cat skins that are coming to the game. But he was too lazy/untalented to make the final one. So that's where YOU come in!

All you have to do to enter is take a photo or video of the cat you think deserves to be in Minecraft, then share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Minecraftcatcontest

Make sure your post is publicly viewable! You can find all the details about the contest and the terms and conditions here.

You have until November 12 to submit your chosen cat. After that deadline, the community team will use a highly-respected cat media judging technique called 'eyes' to 'look' at all the entries, narrowing them down to three finalists.

It'll be up to you to vote for which of these three cats makes it into the game! Voting will happen through social media and we'll share more details about how you'll be able to ca(s)t your vote when voting stations open on November 16th.

Then we'll announce the winning cat on November 19! They'll join the game as part of the Village and Pillage update next year, becoming a part of Minecraft furever!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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