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Two Minecraft Legends PvP teams charging towards each other in the snowy tundra with their respective allies (mobs and golems) in tow. There are two players on each team, which we can tell by them glowing in two different colors: orange or blue.

Watch the final Minecraft Legends short

Rushing for resources in PvP

Minecraft Legends has now been out for a week, which means I’ve exclusively communicated with mobs and golems for seven days in a row. Oh, plus my editor, who made me stop playing to write this post! Borderline piglin behavior, but understandable.

In the final Minecraft Legends short in this series, we illustrate an essential part of PvP – the rush to secure precious resources. You might have already experienced this in your gameplay: you find a coveted diamond ore vein and can already picture your skeletons’ arrows crushing your opponents’ base. And yet, it’s not that simple. The opposing team is also scouring the map for resources, which means that protecting your allays as they gather is very important.

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Cristina Anderca
Cristina Anderca

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