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Find the right Minecraft server for you!

The Official Minecraft Server List is Live

Find Bedrock and Java multiplayer servers that make the grade! 

One of the most popular ways to play Minecraft is together with others, and one way of doing that is by joining a server. But how do you find the right one when we are all so different? To make it easier for players and parents, Mojang Studios has partnered with GamerSafer to create the Official Minecraft Server List. So whether you’re looking for a battle-ready team to take on the Nether or somebody to build a replica of ancient Egypt with, you can find the server for it! 

The Official Minecraft Server List is there to inform your choice of server. It won’t have ads or let server owners pay to have their servers listed. Instead, servers must meet certain requirements to make the cut. Firstly, they have to prove that they comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines. Secondly, they need to provide official contact information, the purpose of the server, who it is for, and foundational community management practices that set the tone, values, and principles of the server. So you have more information before you jump on and invest time in a world!

GamerSafer has spent the last several months working with many of the existing servers to help them meet the requirements and will continue to include more as we go. And it doesn’t stop there! One of the cool things about servers is that they grow and evolve, meaning features and moderators might change over time. To make sure the Official Minecraft Server List stays up to date, there will also be periodic check-ins with each server owner. Servers can also earn a series of badges by adding more features promoting a safe environment and positive social behavior amongst players.

While the Official Minecraft Server List is another great step in making your Minecraft experience the best it can be, it's important to note that the Official Minecraft Server List is not a guarantee of safety. Online safety requires constant parental involvement and child education, among other efforts. This site cannot replace those elements but is there to help inform you on that journey.  

This project is still in its early stages, and we are excited to continue to improve it with your help over time. If you’re a server owner who wants to find players, you can apply on the site today. And if you’re a player or parent who wants to find great servers, what are you waiting for? Start exploring right away! Countless Minecraft multiplayer adventures are already waiting for you to discover them!


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