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Spooktacular Server Events

Get in on the Halloween fun, from today until November

A blood-red moon rises in the black sky! The wind howls like a condemned soul! There’s lightning! Bats! A terrible surplus of pumpkin innards!

It can mean only one thing: it’s time to support the dental industry by eating a truly phenomenal number of peanut butter cookies. Well, that or it’s time for the vengeful dead to rise from their graves.

In either case, starting today, our server partners, Lifeboat, InPvP and Mineplex, will be running seasonal and appropriately spooky events. There will be tricks! There will be treats! Minigames! Themed cosmetic items! Pets! Pumpkins!

Get the lowdown below!


Keep your eyes peeled for a tiny skeleton as it wanders round the lobby (terrifyingly transformed with glowing green water, a spider infestation and pumpkins - the most supernatural of all fruit). Take the skeleton down to earn yourself a creepy pet in the form of a cave spider zombie jockey, who will accompany you for the duration of Halloween.

Take care though - while you hunt the skeleton, you may be hunted in turn! Periodically, zombies will invade the lobby, looking for delicious players to chomp! To prepare, why not test your fleeing skills in the Haunted House parkour course? Or turn the tables on your fearsome foes by getting yourself a scary spider pet - a limited time DLC offer.


There’s something strange in your neighbourhood! Wait - maybe it’s the whole neighbourhood itself, which has sprung up around the lobby to fuel your trick or treatin’ mission. Visit the Jack-o-lantern character next to the spawn, don a suitably horrific skin and drop by the houses in turn to receive sugary delights… or terrible frights! Bring one of the limited time DLC pets with you to set the appropriately creepy tone: a blaze, baby ghast, monstrous wolf or, er, mooshroom.

Once you’re done collecting your loot, check out the Halloween-themed SkyWars map - each island is a grave surrounding a mysterious mansion! Watch your step, lest you join the spirit world permanently.


All hail the Pumpkin King! For he brings quests in a completely redesigned Halloween lobby! And quests bring rewards! On a regular three-hour basis!

Less reliably timed are the flaming pumpkins which randomly appear in games. Players who smash them will receive even more prizes: Top Rank, gems, skeleton keys and treasure hands. The goodies don’t end there. Limited time DLC in the form of Trick or Treat boxes can be gifted your friends or opened to reveal a variety of fancy items: food, potions, lobby effects and costumes.

So, hop onto one of the servers, accessible from minecraft’s in-game menu, and enjoy the creepy chaos, running until the October 31st.

It’ll be a frightfully good time.

\holds torch beneath chin\

Bwahahahahahah etc.

Marsh Davies
Marsh Davies

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