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New Year’s Celebration: Axolotl Islands Map

Can you save the axolotls in time?

If there is one thing in this world I will protect fiercely, it is axolotls. Especially when they are in danger. Especially when that danger comes in the form of my greatest fascination and ultimate nemesis: slime. If, like me, you’ve spent the past week running your own Doggie Daycare, it’s time to put down those leashes and pick up an antidote gun, because we’re going to battle in Axolotl Islands for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition*!

The awesome people at Tetrascape have crafted a world in which only you and your special abilities can save Axolotl Islands from being overrun by infectious super-slimes (I’m not sweating. Are you sweating?). When we asked them why they’ve put so many adorable axolotls at the mercy of the Slime Machine 6000, they said:

With the recent addition to the game, the axolotls are quickly becoming a favorite mob, and this map seems like a good way to bring awareness to the fact that the axolotl, or Mexican salamander, is critically endangered and could use your help in saving its environment. This amazing animal can regenerate limbs and is the key to immortality, among being a huge help to its environmental ecosystem. There are only around 1000 left in the wild and every little thing counts. Let’s do what we can to help and let this map be a motivator!

Well consider me motivated, because I’ve spent nine hours in this map already and it has felt like nine minutes. When you’re not solving tricky puzzles you’ll be shooting your antidote gun with abandon (or perhaps that’s my poor aim?) to cure the slimes and having alotl fun as you zip from island to island to restore the axolotl’s home to the peaceful paradise it once was.

I would describe my playstyle as “semi-courageous and completely chaotic,” which means I tend to miss more often than I hit and run away more often than I miss. Being the kind of player that respawns a tick too often, I wondered whether the team at Tetrascape made any fun mistakes when it came to building such a sprawling map. And because the people at Tetrascape are awesome, they told me:

While we were creating the machines that summon the slimes, we accidentally made it so that the slimes would spawn every tick. There ended up being hundreds of them and it crashed the game!

Working together as a team over the past couple of years has really brought into perspective how much time and dedication it takes to create a map. It's given us the opportunity to meet a variety of great people with all sorts of skill sets. 

If curing slimes and saving axolotls makes you wonder whether you could create a map like this, then Tetrascape have some advice for you, too:

There's nothing better than good experience and a portfolio to showcase your work. We're always looking for new passionate individuals to join our team. Formal education is not nearly as important as hands-on practice!

Which is what I’m going to get – practice curing slimes! Because if I keep running away, then I won’t discover cool abilities and I certainly won’t help the axolotls (and have you seen their little faces? How can you not want to rescue them?) Don’t worry, adorable axolotls! I’m coming to save you! If you want to join me, download Axolotl Islands here! *Runs courageously yet chaotically into the distance* 

*Requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the latest updates (sold separately).  Limit 1 per person/account.

Sophie Austin
Sophie Austin

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