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Image with an orange background that has a blank figure to the right styled like a Minecraft blocky character with the words Skin Design Challenge to the left and the words "this month's theme: Halloween costume" below.

Monthly Skins: Halloween Costumes

Spooky Season is truly upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate all the spooktacular goodness October has to offer. We are so fortunate to have such a creative community, and when we asked for you to share your Halloween costume Minecraft skins, you definitely delivered. Now let’s check out these frightfully delightful skins!

Kicking things off and celebrating the winning mob from this year's Minecraft Live is NakanoWasTaken with their sniffer costume!

PenguinPlays525 delivers the cute with their “Scarecrow’s Halloween” skin. Just look at those comfy overalls!

With their submission titled “The Piglins Hunter”, vitorio_Kun gave us two variants: with and without a piglin mask. 

Bellezagamer1 went above and beyond creating an adorably themed room, complete with a jack-o-lantern design on the floor, to complement their costume.

Proving that you don’t have to let your dreams be dreams, ChangeableGames’s submission is a pumpkin that wanted to be a witch for a Halloween costume party. She said her goal was “to become the coolest pumpkin in her patch.” 

With an awesome Halloween duck sweater and spooky socks, flamangoes’ submission was just too cute!

NightheartedMC showed us that even a creeper can be scared by this cat costume skin.

Taking us back to a classic Halloween monster costume is this Frankenstein’s monster skin from bluefox_igor.

And finally, no Halloween costume roundup is complete without a mummy. This skin took SrSebas “a lot of effort and love”, and we can tell!

We were blown away and bewitched by these great spooky skins, so thank you to everyone who participated. Want to share your creations? Please keep an eye out on our Discord server and Twitter for future community skin and fan art contests!  

Lindsey S.
Lindsey S.

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