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Mini Game Heroes now on console!

Super skin pack hits console edition today!

What defines a hero? Is it someone who saves lives, helps charity and fights for the poor? Or is it someone who updates Minecraft.net every day, even when he'd rather still be in bed? I'm just saying, in a way, a very loose way, a way you probably shouldn't think about too hard, we're all heroes. Especially me.

And now, especially you! Because if you're a Console Edition player, you'll see a new skin pack landing in-store: the Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack! This pack stars the colourful heroes of our Minecraft mini games, including... takes deep breath Bat Team, Cow Team, Cat Team, Elder Guardian Team, Horse Team, Llama Team, MagmaCube Team, Slime Team, Spider Team and Villager Team!

Is the ultimate sign of victory being on the winning team and wearing a cat on your head at the same time? Or is the striking headgear of Llama team more your style? Help decide by looking through the carousel of teams below!

If you like playing Minecraft in multiplayer with a couple of friends, it's the perfect skin pack to help you co-ordinate as a trio! Until someone, mentioning no names, insists on dressing in a Spider Team skin when we'd all already agreed to be Slime Team, Marsh.

As always, a sample of these skins will be free on the Console Edition store. Give them a try! UPDATE: OOPSIE. We actually forgot to include the normal trio of free skins for release. They'll be made available in a coming patch!

We'll end on a few screens from these heroes in their natural mini-game habitat (including Glide, which also received a DLC track pack).

Well, I'm going back to bed. Stay heroic and enjoy the pack!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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