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Minecraft Snapshot 18w49a

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

Another week, another snapshot! Winter is getting closer and it's getting so cold here in Stockholm that my fingers froze and snapped off while I was writing this intro (true story).

Anyway, what better way to get into a festive mood than hanging out in a fancy new village in a snowy biome? If you're not into the whole being cold and wearing thick woollen socks in the horrible outdoors thing, you can always stay inside playing Minecraft and hang out in the new updated savanna villages. If you're hungry, grab some berries! Enjoy!

Changes in 18w49a

  • Updated savanna villages
  • Added snowy villages
  • Added Berry Bushes
  • Added Berries
  • Changes to raids
  • New loot table function: copy_nbt


  • Delicious!
  • Not very filling!
  • Plant your berries in the ground and look with your special eyes as they grow up into a strong, independent bush!

Berry Bushes

  • Commonly found in Taiga, Taiga Hills, and Taiga Mountains
  • Rarely found in Snowy Taiga and Snowy Taiga Hills and Snowy Taiga Mountains
  • You can stand inside them, but be careful, it will hurt to move
  • Has 4 stages of growth. Sapling, no berries, some berries, full berries
  • Drops 1-2 berries in younger stage, 2-3 in full growth stage
  • Supports bonemeal!

Raid changes

  • There's now two waves per Bad Omen level
  • Beast now has a possibility to be a part of every wave
  • You now have to complete a wave before the next one starts

New loot table function copy_nbt

  • Copies NBT from source to item tags.


  • source - may be this, killer, killer_player or block_entity
  • ops - list of copy operations:
    • source - source path (same as /data commands)
    • target - target path
    • op - replace, append (for lists), merge - for compound tags
  • entity - source of profile (see note about entity target parameter for values, will do nothing if it's not player).

Fixed bugs in 18w49a

  • MC-111480 - Firework boosting doesn't work in the first world loaded after a game start / if player has entity id 0
  • MC-137647 - Firework Rockets Fired From Crossbow Slide Across The Ground
  • MC-137688 - A firework rocket shot by a crossbow doesn't explode on entities
  • MC-137848 - Shulker boxes dont drop when mined by hand
  • MC-138067 - Replacing filled jukebox drops record
  • MC-138641 - Shulker boxes no longer retain "Lock" nbt when being broken
  • MC-139555 - /data modify copies source nbt to destination nbt as reference
  • MC-139712 - Copying one half of unrecognised Unicode character crashes client
  • MC-139935 - Infinite loop when a raid is searching for a spawn position
  • MC-139979 - Raid never finishes if raid mobs aren't killed by player
  • MC-139994 - Raid never finishes if the player is set to peaceful mode when subjected to raids
  • MC-140069 - Banners lose their name when placed
  • MC-140113 - Raid bar will not decrease when raid mobs walked into the nether portal, end portal or end gateway

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

Adrian Östergård
Adrian Östergård

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