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Minecraft Snapshot 18w22c

A Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot

This snapshot brings you lots of bugfixes! Getting really close to pre-releasing now.

Changes in 18w22c

  • F3 debug overlay now shows the fluid you're looking at, separately from blocks
  • Tab completing coordinates will now complete each part separately
  • Bug fixes!

Changes in 18w22b

  • Performance improvements with animated textures
  • Bark is now rotatable
  • Allow tab-completing usernames in regular chat again
  • All command feedback messages are now translatable

Changes in 18w22a

  • Fixed a really old bug
  • Blocks on chunk borders should now behave correctly when upgrading a world from 1.12.2
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed a couple of crashes

Fixed bugs in 18w22c

  • MC-130483 - Difficulty filling up buckets
  • MC-130481 - Missing translation string command.context.failed
  • MC-129625 - Sea grass changes to air pockets when upgrading from 18w16a to 18w20a+
  • MC-129254 - Game crashes when hovering over an item with unknown block tag(s) in the CanDestroy and CanPlaceOn NBT
  • MC-128860 - Water source block gets destroyed when water flows on top of it
  • MC-124833 - Item frames duplicate items when broken by a player in the same tick as a piston
  • MC-124686 - teleport's rotational arguments use sender's rotation rather than context's rotation
  • MC-122592 - Coordinate tab-completion doesn't complete all 3 axes separately

Fixed bugs in 18w22b

  • MC-130424 - Stack overflow after opening a 18w21b world in 18w22a
  • MC-129358 - Flowing water acts like air
  • MC-128276 - Water is not tinted next to glass
  • MC-127142 - Failed to create block entity DUMMY (path of location: minecraft:DUMMY)
  • MC-125862 - Command error messages are hardcoded
  • MC-124312 - Snow layers on grass blocks don't make grass snowy unless manually placed
  • MC-122626 - Unable to tab-complete player names outside of commands

Fixed bugs in 18w22a

  • MC-1809 - Some trees generate with leaves too far from logs
  • MC-121823 - Using "destroy" command on containers does not drop stored contents
  • MC-121900 - Player data output does not show SelectedItem and is invalid in a data path
  • MC-122153 - /gamemode does not provide success message
  • MC-122455 - Disappearing Carpets
  • MC-122787 - Rails placed to the east or south of curved rails break existing connections
  • MC-123064 - No error message when saving a structure containing uppercase or other invalid characters
  • MC-124281 - White dot on the creamy horse's tail
  • MC-124357 - Green pixels on iron horse armor
  • MC-124833 - Item duplication
  • MC-125745 - Sniper duel advancement can be achieved with trident
  • MC-125986 - Rails adjacent to chunk borders update if world is loaded in snapshot
  • MC-126118 - The fish mobs are missing their translation strings
  • MC-127156 - Ocelots and parrots don't spawn naturally
  • MC-127386 - Right clicking on villager with its spawn egg opens trade menu
  • MC-128276 - Water is not tinted next to glass
  • MC-128393 - Conduit connects to iron bars and glass panes
  • MC-128472 - When swimming, the player can stand up even though there is a block above
  • MC-128509 - X-axis portals break when upgrading from 1.12.2 when certain blocks are above/near them
  • MC-128512 - Certain blocks on chunk borders cause many blocks in the same chunk to be updated when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-129645 - Particles of downwards bubble columns are not centered
  • MC-129712 - Team Prefix and Suffix reset after restarting world
  • MC-130015 - Tropical fish bucket contains inconsistent dark pixel
  • MC-130197 - Over a 1000 dolphins spawning in a range of 100 blocks at a certain height
  • MC-130242 - Having an id tag in the tag tag of spawn eggs overwrites the spawned entity's id

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

Adrian Östergård
Adrian Östergård

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