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Minecraft Snapshot 18w16a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

We're very close to feature complete, and have now started focusing more on bug fixing & polishing!

Changes in 18w16a

  • New custom world type: Buffet
  • Coral fans now generate naturally
  • Drowned can sometimes be found inside ruins
  • Turtle helmet will no longer give you particle effects
  • Turtle helmet will no longer make you absolutely completely 100% invulnerable
  • Blue ice is now ever-so-slightly less slippery than before. Still pretty slippery!
  • When water spreads and would later turn into a source block, it now immediately just places a source block
  • We changed how we calculate the temperature of ocean biomes, which should result in nicer transitions between oceans
  • Mining coral blocks now requires silk touch
  • Changed particle effect from the Conduit
  • Optimized spawn position finding code
  • Technical: there's now a distinction between scheduled "liquid ticks" and "block ticks"
  • Technical: there's new block & item tags for coral
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Buffet worlds

All you can pick!

  • As a popular request, we readded a way to play with single biome worlds
  • You can check it out when creating a new world by selecting Buffet World as a world type
  • As a side bonus, we also threw in another way to generate chunks in there
  • Keep an eye on this screen, there might be more things on their way!
  • (it's pretty crazy)

Fixed bugs in 18w16a

  • MC-18903 - Villagers'/ Witchs' right arm doesn't have the texture flipped. (Like zombies/giants/players/zombie pigmen/zombie villagers/Illagers' does.)
  • MC-83064 - Accumulated fall damage is not reset when levitation starts
  • MC-90591 - Camera instantaneously changes position when elytra is deployed, rather than smoothly
  • MC-125251 - Strong Turtle Master potion makes players invincible
  • MC-125280 - Bubble columns seem to be pushable by pistons
  • MC-125297 - Force-waterlogged blocks don't spread water
  • MC-125329 - Sprinting underwater while flying in creative makes player start swimming
  • MC-125356 - Turtle Shell potion effect particles are very intrusive
  • MC-125460 - Can only pick-block the top part of kelp and can't pick-block 2 block tall sea grass
  • MC-125647 - Air time is not clamped at 300 ticks, causing 11th bubble to appear depending on overflow air time
  • MC-125671 - Swimming animation can be triggered while on horse
  • MC-125770 - Bubble columns are not created when pouring water over magma block
  • MC-125895 - Being in bubble column regions makes user drown when touching underwater ceiling
  • MC-126086 - Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned
  • MC-126104 - Dispenser will not place or use the cod / salmon / puffer fish / tropical fish bucket
  • MC-126139 - The fins of dying cod and some tropical fish show z-fighting
  • MC-126167 - Puffer fish, salmon, cod, and tropical fish spawn eggs are in incorrect positions in creative inventory
  • MC-126304 - Water buckets can catch dying fish
  • MC-126485 - Magma block/soulsand does not generate bubbles and currents with only one block of water above
  • MC-126923 - Water turning to ice deletes other block occupying same space as water
  • MC-126930 - Sponges do not soak up flowing water
  • MC-126978 - Sponge is working with lava
  • MC-127045 - Duplicating fish is possible with a waterlogged block
  • MC-127079 - Lava on top of water doesn't turn water into stone
  • MC-127366 - Turtle Shell Water Breathing effect begins counting down as soon as feet touch the water.
  • MC-127998 - You cannot place Sea Pickles on top of non solid blocks
  • MC-128205 - Drowned drop tridents from both loot table and held items
  • MC-128233 - Lava is tinted incorrectly
  • MC-128248 - Bottom of the water is not tinted

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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Nathan Adams

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