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Minecraft Snapshot 17w18a

One step closer to 1.12!

We're getting close to releasing 1.12 now, this weeks snapshot brings us even more bug fixes, some optimisations, and a couple of new Advancements.


Changes in snapshot 17w18b

  • Added some new advancements, including a "husbandry" tab
  • Made the narrator (hopefully) work everywhere (linux users, you need to install flite for it to work)
  • Technical: Added new advancement triggers "consume_item", "placed_block", "arbitrary_player_tick" (only one player runs it per tick)
  • Fixed bug MC-114930 - Narrator not working
  • Fixed bug MC-115838 - Dark dot on white bed in recipe selection
  • Fixed bug MC-116746 - @s selector ignores dx/dy/dz
  • Fixed bug MC-116821 - doLimitedCrafting gamerule not working
  • Fixed bug MC-116940 - Client/server disagreement when using a knowledge book with invalid recipes
  • Fixed bug MC-116950 - Cannot place buttons, levers, torches... on barrier blocks
  • Fixed bug MC-116953 - A single horse is considered tamed multiple times in a row
  • Fixed bug MC-116974 - Can place block-dependent blocks on glassy blocks or leaves
  • Fixed bug MC-116976 - Shulker box duplication when placed below lever
  • Fixed bug MC-116985 - Buttons and levers can't be placed on the sides of corner stairs
  • Added some new bugs!



Changes in snapshot 17w18a

  • Added new advancements for taming and breeding animals
  • Had some serious words with the Narrator, it should work for more people now
  • Changed the levitate advancement to 50 vertical blocks
  • Changed the sniper duel advancement to horizontal distance
  • Re-introduced announcements to chat when someone earns an achievement
  • Added new gamerule "announceAdvancements", defaults to true
  • Changed some map colours around again
  • Added a new /reload command to reload advancements & loot tables from disk
  • Technical: Some optimisations to the recipe book
  • Technical: Optimized error conditions in command blocks
  • Technical: Added "tick" and "tame_animal" advancement triggers
  • Technical: Distance predicates in advancements now support: x, y, z, horizontal and absolute distance checking
  • Technical: Added "announce_to_chat" and "show_toast" booleans to the display info for advancements (both default true)
  • Technical: Advancement loading is now strict json
  • Fixed bug MC-113374 - Map colour palette changed (brown shade?)
  • Fixed bug MC-114966 - Advancements overlap other advancements
  • Fixed bug MC-115025 - Clicking on recipe or on book to close crafting help additionally clicks in inventory
  • Fixed bug MC-115323 - Parrots spawn rarely in Jungle
  • Fixed bug MC-115577 - Parrot play the flapping wings(fly) sound, when player push it
  • Fixed bug MC-115774 - Parrots still make sounds when they are on player shoulder and Silent:1b
  • Fixed bug MC-115810 - Custom resourcepack added sounds not playing
  • Fixed bug MC-115902 - Flying parrots will not avoid lava
  • Fixed bug MC-116482 - The server.properties file still has announce-player-achievements
  • Fixed bug MC-116498 - You can't place ladders on the back of stairs
  • Fixed bug MC-116515 - Placing a torch on a wall with a fence gate underneath causes crash
  • Fixed bug MC-116534 - Pressing "Showing craftable" sometimes doesn't show any recipes
  • Fixed bug MC-116537 - Stopping jukebox music while a sitting parrot is dancing occasionally causes the parrot's entire upper body to be misplaced.
  • Fixed bug MC-116574 - "showing craftable" option has several issues
  • Fixed bug MC-116586 - Items in crafting grid disappear if the inventory is not properly closed
  • Fixed bug MC-116670 - No toast is shown for first advancement made
  • Fixed bug MC-116675 - Debug messages are printed in log when levitating
  • Fixed bug MC-116713 - Creating new world with same name crashes with NullPointerException
  • Added some new bugs!

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can't fix it!


To get snapshots, open your launcher and go to the "launch options" tab. Check the box saying "Enable snapshots" and save. To switch between the snapshot and normal version, you can find a new dropdow menu next to the "Play" button. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (In the "launch options" page).

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:


Report bugs here:




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