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Meet the Vex

Rather you than us!

If you know me at all, you know I'm one of the bravest Minecraft players around. I possess the courage of a powerful lion, and even my middle name is 'Cowardwimp' (which my giggling parents assured me is Latin for 'brave'). So obviously I'm not scared of the Evoker. Pah! An Illager? Just a villager who could really use a tan, I say. It's got nothing on a brave boy like me!

At least, that's what I used to think. Before the Evoker summoned a Vex. A plume of pale smoke and a high-pitched horn blare later, grey-fleshed demons arrived in the sky. Immune to fire and lava, capable of passing through any block, a Vex swoops down with sword in hand, glowing red and ready to teach me a sharp lesson. Is it brave to burst into tears and run away screaming? Yes. Yes it is. Shut up it is.

We started talking about making more hostile mobs, so we started drawing a lot of doodles on paper and then I kind of liked just having a small humanoid shape with wings. It essentially looked like a little nasty angel or devil. Jens Bergensten

Introducing an enemy that could summon hostile mobs had to be implemented into the game with care. So the Vex stays close to where it's summoned, and if you successfully run away, it'll eventually perish without you – a deliberate weakness, to stop your world being overwhelmed with summoned mobs!

As for giving them the ability to fly, Jens explains this was to stop players relying on old combat tricks. “I wanted to force the player to move around more, and not just move slowly backwards, hitting things approaching you, but also to look around because you’re being constantly attacked from many different angles.”

Soon, the Vex was given even more powers, like the ability to home in on the player while charging up its attacks. “They will try and chase you while charging,” warns Jens. “So you will have to essentially move further or hit them back before they will attack you.” Making for a challenging fight for even the most courageous crafter.

So there you have it, everyone - Bravery is useless and the Vex is the worst thing to happen to the sky since someone invented seagulls. Enjoy!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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