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Meet Mob C

The Great Hunger

During this Saturday's livestream of MINECON Earth (which you can watch right here on this site) you'll get the chance to vote for a new mob to be added to Minecraft! There are four potential mobs but only one winner will be added to the game, so make sure you watch MINECON Earth live this Saturday, November 18th, and vote!

Yesterday, Jens talked about Mob B – The Monster of the Night Skies. Today it's the turn of Mob C – The Great Hunger. Watch the video above to hear Jens run his mouth about the mouth that makes us want to run away, and why it deserves your vote! Or you can read his words in the official Minecraft.net snazzy quote box:

This cute-looking mob has a huge mouth and a great appetite for enchanting powers. It will open its huge jaw and sink into the ground where it camouflages itself. Any mobs or items that fall into its mouth will be consumed. You should vote for this mob because it has some interesting enchanting powers. Maybe you can even use these abilities to your own advantage? To add or remove enchantments from your own items. Jens Bergensten

Sometimes I try lying on the floor with my mouth open in the office, in the hopes of scoring some free food. Instead, Mojang have started using me as a bin, and no one's emptied me in weeks. Anyway, if you want Mob C – The Great Hunger to be added to Minecraft, then watch the MINECON Earth livestream this Saturday for your chance to vote!

For everything you need to know about MINECON Earth, including the all important time the stream is broadcasting in your region, head to the official MINECON page. Check back here tomorrow to find out more about Mob D!

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Tom Stone

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