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Meet the Enderman

It's rude to stare. Deadly, too.

Admired the image at the top of this post yet? Good idea, because that's by far the safest way for you to gaze upon the Enderman. This long-limbed, purple-eyed, darker-than-night mob is not one you want to get into a staring contest with. Usually seen in the Nether and The End, its presence is rare in the Overworld. Rarer still - players who've made eye contact with it and then survived to tell the tale.

This mob becomes hostile if you attack it (easily avoided) or if you just gaze upon it (oh dear). Considering it can run at you, teleport around the world, and chase you with obsessive persistence just because you looked at it the wrong way, we'll give you some friendly advice: don't get caught staring. You should get that tattooed on the inside of your eyelids to help you remember. Thank us later.

This was made by Notch, based on the meme passed around on the internet about the Slenderman. It’s actually one of the more scary mobs and it's very strong. Originally it had green eyes which is why the item Ender is green. Then one morning Notch told me “Oh, I fixed the colour of the eyes, it should be purple.” And I said “OK.” And I still think about that today - why? *laughs* My guess is it's because the portal particles and the Portal are purple. But I never got an explanation – I never really asked because it sounded so obvious to him! Jens Bergensten

Interestingly, The End was conceived after the Enderman was added to the game, so this mob having a similar name is just a spooky coincidence. But still not as spooky as knowing an Enderman could be lurking in the shadows right now, waiting for us to finish typing this and look up...

That's it. We're having our eyes surgically removed. Better safe than sorry.

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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