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Community Celebration: Bloom

A secret garden awaits

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. I was busy tending my garden. After last week’s frantic flying, I needed to feel grounded. As is my way when I heed any advice, I took it literally. I have been digging through the soil, discovering new mysterious plants, and taking many a nap in the woods. Yes, you guessed it. I have gotten lost in this week’s Bedrock map, Bloom!

Can you feel it? The mystery of the forest, the new life in each flower, the distinct taste of dirt when you tip over. None of you will ever be as one with nature as I am right now. I am basically a plant, which would explain the green pallor of my skin. This competitive spirit is the core of this map, for sure. Right, Gamemode One?

“Bloom is a world full of flowers and plants that you have complete control of. We were really inspired by the existing plants in Minecraft, the idea of growing, and we wanted to expand on that and see where we can take it. You ask yourself, what makes a plant a plant? There’s life, there’s water. You look at the physical characteristics like greens and bright flowers of all different colors. It was really important for me to reflect that in the art.”

- John Newell, Gamemode One

YEAH! I am already the best groundskeeper this garden has ever seen! There’s nothing to it, I found one magical plant and called it a day. The other 30 types can discover themselves, I’m busy crafting decorations for my interactive cabin. Please look out for an invite to my cabin-warming party. It’s going to be BYOFFF – Bring Your Own Foraged Food/Fish. And don’t forget to RSVP ASAP. K? 

On second thought, I should probably make a specific map for this fiery fête. I don’t want to outshine the work that Gamemode One have put into Bloom, and there might also have been a few noise complaints from what I can only hope is a sentient tree. Maybe I’ll even put my party map on the Minecraft Marketplace so everybody can come.

“The Minecraft Marketplace is a great platform for anyone who loves to build or create with Minecraft. You have all the tools that you need, you have an awesome platform, and an awesome community. There’s nothing stopping you except your imagination.”

- John Newell, Gamemode One

Perfect! I can do that! Now I won’t end up pouting in the corner alone! That’s never happened, I swear! Everybody always shows up! Let’s move on before you get suspicious and leave before the main course!

Now that I think about it, I should probably build a prototype of the map in my Realm and host a viewing party to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Not that I’m concerned that nobody will show up for that one either, let’s throw in a free week of Java Realms! Between December 8 – January 13, everybody gets a complimentary week when they subscribe to Java Realms. If you already have a subscription, a week will be removed from your bill for that time period.

Before my guests arrive – they will!!–  I want to take a moment to thank all the creators that helped us make this Community Celebration. Thanks to Jigarbov Productions, we got to hang out in a city of our making. Because of Noxcrew, we took flight and uncovered a deep secret. If it weren’t for PixelHeads, we might not have known that there are more vegetables than just french fries. That was a real eye-opener for me. And now Gamemode One has helped us get a tranquil start to the new year. I hope all of you have had as much fun as all of us at Mojang Studios. We hope that this gift has inspired you to create your own maps and adventures this year. I can’t wait to fall over in all of them.

Sofia Dankis
Sofia Dankis

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