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Who framed the killer rabbit?

Why this foul, bad-tempered rodent was banished

Once upon a build, the Killer Bunny was a natural and terrifying feature of the Minecraft overworld. Identifiable by its red horizontal eyes, burning with hate, the Killer Bunny moves faster than normal rabbits and will set upon players and wolves dealing an impressive amount of damage. However, as of snapshot 14w34a, this vicious beast has been banished to a realm from which it can only be summoned using commands. But why?

For one thing, Jeb’s rule for making mobs is that the only ones that always attack on sight have to be monsters. For another, Jeb’s just heard about Killer Bunnies one too many times. The Killer Bunny is a reference to a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a movie from 1975, in which the Knights of the Round Table are unhappily slaughtered and humiliated by a fluffy white rodent.

I thought that the Killer Bunny was a tired joke and it’s been referenced in so many games, including a game I worked on before Minecraft, called Whispers in Akarra, where the rabbit was named Big Pointy Teeth. (Which is also why that’s a splash text in Minecraft!)

The bunnies are also just too dangerous. They’re basically a random death event. Of course, there are quite a few random death events in Minecraft, like the skeleton horseman who spawn during thunderstorms, but at least you get a weather warning and can stay indoors!

Jens Bergensten
Marsh Davies
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