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Our Marketplace Picks: September 2018

Our three Marketplace highlights for the previous month!

Have you explored the Minecraft Marketplace? It's our-in game store that's constantly being updated with more great maps, worlds, texture packs and more!

We're adding great community-created content all the time, so each month we ask our handsome colleagues on the content team to tell us their three favourite new additions to the Minecraft Marketplace. In exchange, I agree to describe them as 'handsome' in this intro. Everybody wins!

Here's their highlights for the previous month:

Music Maker

By House of How

Turn your blocks into music! Mix songs with new sounds at the push of a button in a gigantic concert hall. Music Maker has me so excited, that I sang at the top of my voice whilst writing this sentence. True story.

Loading Flight of the Bumblebee and listening it to it at full speed opened my eyes to how awesome this map was. I've been carefully putting together Despacito with a cat in the lead vocals. Simply magical. Moesh

Music to your ears? Then click here to find it on the Minecraft Marketplace.

City Mash-up

By Everbloom Studios

Role-play in a massive and detailed city! With over 1,000 hand-crafted rooms, you'll find stories, secrets, and mini-games around every corner. Build with the city's full texture pack in your own worlds and take on any role you can imagine!

There's so many cool Easter eggs and highly detailed locations which make this city come alive. Quirky neighbours with fun stories you can find by visiting their apartments. A city founder who has become a recluse and lives inside a statue of themself. Oh, and you can visit the Everbloom Studios headquarters and live the high life as a Marketplace partner yourself! Oskar

Give your world a cartoony transformation with this unique and adorable resource pack! We spoke to the creator of ZigZag earlier this year.

Since discovering ZigZag through a Minecraft.net article, it's become one of my favorite resource packs. Developed by Harmonix artist and game developer Jamie McKiernan, the pack has a feel of professional craftsmanship that makes it stand out above many others. The higher-definition textures allow for more fine details, from wrinkled beds to smiling creepers. The pack makes Minecraft feel fresh and new, and I love discovering old blocks and mobs all over again. Marc

If your eyes are as in love with these cute textures as mine are, click here to find the resource pack on the Minecraft Marketplace.

There’s loads more great content in the Marketplace – Over 73 new things added in October alone! - so why not have a browse of the official Marketplace site?

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