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A Villager farmer looking at Pitcher plants and Torchflowers they have planted

Minecraft Snaphot 23w16a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

In this weeks Snapshot we're bringing you tweaks to the Trail Ruins, new command functionality, a new advancement trigger, and more!

Happy mining!

Edit: We have published a fix for a crash issue in this Snapshot. If you are experiencing crashes, please try closing all instances of the game and restarting the Launcher.


  • All Pottery Shards has been renamed to Pottery Sherds
  • If a vibration is scheduled to be received by a Sculk Sensor or Sculk Shrieker, they will stay queued until all adjacent chunks are loaded and ticking
    • Prevents vibration resonance setups from breaking when unloading their chunks from a distance
  • The game's application icon has been updated
    • This will be a Grass Block in release versions, and a Dirt Block in snapshot versions


  • Sniffers can now be tempted by Torchflower seeds

Trail Ruins

  • Reworked structures based on community feedback
  • Added more structure variants
  • Sand no longer generates within the structures
  • Tweaked the amount of gravel and dirt
  • Tweaked the amount of Suspicious Gravel
  • Split the loot tables for the Suspicious Gravel within the structure. There is now a dedicated loot table for Rare loot items (e.g. Pottery Sherds, Smithing Templates), and a dedicated loot table for more common loot drops (e.g. Tinted Glass Pane, Tools, Candles, etc.)
  • Due to these changes you might see errors like Failed to get element ResourceKey[minecraft:worldgen/processor_list / minecraft:trail_ruins_suspicious_sand] in an old snapshot world. These are harmless, but existing Trail Ruin structures that was not previously fully loaded might be missing parts of the structure.

Technical Changes

  • The data pack version is now 14, accounting for item display orientation changes
  • Added a return command
  • Added recipe_crafted advancement trigger



The return command can be used to control execution flow inside functions and change their return value. Effects:

  • Remaining separate top-level commands in the currently executing function (if any) are skipped
  • The result value of the function command that triggered the function is changed from the number of commands executed to value
  • The result value of the return command is also value


return <value>


  • value: An integer return value


New triggers


  • Triggered when crafting a recipe
  • Conditions:
    • recipe_id - the resource location of the recipe crafted
    • ingredients - an array of predicates for the item stacks used in the recipe
      • A single item stack can only be used to fulfill one predicate
      • Each predicate needs to be fulfilled to trigger the advancement. This allows for seperation between recipes that have same identifier but use different ingredients.
      • This field is optional. When not provided, or left empty, only the recipe_id will dictate the success of the trigger


  • Added villager_plantable_seeds to represent which kind of seeds Villagers can farm
  • Added maintains_farmland to represent which blocks will not cause farmland to be converted into dirt when placed on top of it

Display entity

Rendering changes

  • item_display items have been rotated 180 degrees around Y axis to better match transformation applied when rendering items on armor stand head and in item frames
    • For reference, order of transformations applied to model (starting from innermost) is item_transform, rotate Y 180, transformation field, entity orientation (billboard option + Rotation field + Pos field)

Get the Snapshot

Snapshot are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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