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Realms Plus September 2022

Realms Plus: September

Secrets galore!

It’s time for another Realms Plus drop, with 34 new pieces of content coming this September! This month is all about secrets: secret bases to discover, secret puzzles to solve, and secret weapons to unlock. What’s more, I’m going to scatter some secrets of my own throughout this post, so for those who make it to the end: you’re welcome, I’m sorry, and no it’s not permanent. Let’s begin, shall we?


Volcano Secret Base by Pixelusion

What’s more exciting than a secret base? A secret base built into a volcano! Sure, the lava can get a little warm at times, and living beneath an erupting mountain might be a bit scary, but Volcano Secret Base by Pixelusion has enough space for you and all your friends! Discover a ready-to-use farm, a chest room, and even an indoor pool (my not-so-secret dream) in this expansive base that’ll set the perfect stage for your next Survival adventure.

For more hotter-than-usual adventures this month, don’t miss Lava Rises Every Minute by Lifeboat, a dangerous skyblock adventure complete with a molten boss mob. There’s also Hacker Lucky Blocks by Snail Studios and a fun game of Laser Tag by Sova Knights to explore!


Anime Legends II by RareLoot

Here’s a secret: the first video game I ever played became an anime show that was very popular in the ‘90s. So I am excited to roleplay some nostalgia with the second instalment of RareLoot’s Anime Legends skin pack: Anime Legends II! Join me and don anime skins and we can go on an epic adventure to try and catch all the cute horses in the Overworld (which I do on 99% of my save files anyway!)

For more roleplaying opportunities in this month’s content drop, check out Prison Escape 2 – Roleplay by InPvP, Police Academy – Roleplay by InPvP, Skyblock Tycoon by Monster Egg Studios and Bank Simulator by RareLoot. And to really immerse yourself, don’t miss these awesome new texture packs to transform your Overworld: Annapolis Risen by Giggle Block Studios, Alien Worlds - Texture Pack by GoE-Craft and Cubits by Glowfischdesigns


Craftable Dragons by Lifeboat

Did you know that the Ender Dragon is the biggest mob in Minecraft? I didn’t before I stumbled into the End, and got promptly reminded that I am not a combat player. Luckily the dragons in Craftable Dragons are much less hostile, and much cuter, too! Gather resources to craft unique dragon eggs, hatch them and then ride your new dragon around the Overworld, breathing fire or ice as you go! There are eight unique dragons to tame and each have three forms you can choose between, too. Let’s see how the Ender Dragon fares against my new, fire-breathing friends! Muahaha!

If maps with more cute mobs are your thing, then you’ll also want to see Baby Animals by Kubo Studios, Mythical Animals by Stonemasons, Dogs City by Kubo Studios and Realistic Farm by CrackedCubes!


Weapons Expansion by Shapescape

If you’ve ever looked at an obsidian block and thought “that could make a great sword”, then look no further than Weapons Expansion by Shapescape! This epic adventure lets you craft 40+ new weapons, including daggers, spears, and magical scrolls, and even includes an enormous base for you to lay claim to. You can test your new weapons on pesky mobs (take that, Wither!) and craft unique armor so you can really look the part. Here’s a secret I’m not very proud of – a long time ago, I thought the majestic sea turtle dropped turtle shell helmets in the same way that cows dropped leather. When I realized my mistake and looked at the bare beaches of my Overworld I was very sad, so to apologize to all the turtles I’m going to craft the lightening sword and wage war against any mob coming for their precious eggs! Come at me, zombies, I’m ready!

For more crafting fun this month, check out Craftable Survival Tools by Snail Studios and City Furniture by Kubo Studios! And for epic survival maps, don’t miss Mega Lucky Skyblocks by Piki Studios, or Sprint by Yeggs, a parkour map with a heart-thumping twist! 


Secret Treehouse Base by Dodo Studios

When I was a child I had a treehouse so secret that not even I could find it! Luckily Treehouse Base by Dodo Studios is much harder to misplace, because in this amazing map you get to live inside an enormous tree. Take an elevator all the way to the top and you’ll discover everything you need for your next Survival run, including a farm to keep your hearts full, an enormous chest room for all your emeralds, and even a disco! Security cameras will stop your base being overrun by enemies and secret buttons to hidden areas will give you plenty to explore. Test your love of heights with the Elytra launcher, or guard your precious base from attack from hostile mobs, the choice is yours!

For more mythical bases this and magic this month, don’t miss Princess Palace by G2Crafted, Medieval Mansion by CrackedCubes and Magic Wands by Minetite!


Wildlife: Arctic by PixelHeads

If you ever want to know what Sweden looks like in the depths of winter, then dive into Wildlife: Arctic by PixelHeads! We don’t have enormous, rideable woolly mammoths, but we do have reindeer, wolves, and a lot of snow, just like Wildlife: Arctic! In this chilly adventure you can don the skin of a biologist, a snowman or even Santa Claus himself and frolic in a snowy wonderland with your friends. Meet 20 new mobs (including a rather hostile Yeti), hook your wolves up to speedy sleds, or zoom around on snowmobiles. I’m going on a mission to meet some orcas, because I’ve heard they’re very friendly and not bitey at all!

For more epic landscapes and challenges this month, check out Desert Living by Kubo Studios and Trains, and Planes & Automobiles 2 by Lifeboat!


Pirate Adventures by Norvale

Are you ready for my almost-last secret? I saw a particular pirate movie at the cinema eight times when it first came out. Was it because I wanted to sail the seven seas myself? Was it because that summer in London was very rainy? We’ll never know! But this month we all get to relive that excitement in Pirate Adventures by Norvale! Explore mystic islands, fight evil creatures and gather treasure in this epic map, complete with enormous pirate ships, custom bosses, hidden dungeons, and more! There are also 10 skins included, so you can look the part of a pirate, too!

For more watery worlds, don’t miss Sharks Survival! By Kubo Studios and Epic Bubble Skyblocks by Piki Studios. And if you’ve had fun puzzling out all these secrets, then you should check out these puzzling maps: Simply Chess by Yeggs and Don't touch the color green! By Mine-North, a map where I’m not sure why but I’m really drawn to green?




Whew! What a month. With 34 pieces of content to choose from, where will you start? If you don’t have a Realms Plus subscription you can nab all these adventures, maps and more by subscribing to Realms Plus via your Minecrafting device! You and up to 10 of your friends can enjoy over 100 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the  Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun!

That’s enough secrets for one day, I think! If anyone needs me, I’ll be trying to defeat the Ender Dragon for the first time so I can finally get my “I beat the Ender Dragon” tattoo. See you next month for more Realms Plus fun! 

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