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Realms Plus: May

Fly high, rule regally, and dress to impress this spring!

Ah, May! What do you have in store for us this year? Will there be 31 days of correcting people who ask if they can use the bathroom? Maybe. But one thing I do know for sure is that this week, there are 17 new pieces of content coming to a Realms Plus subscription near you! So prepare yourself for epic castles, stylish skins, secret bases, and challenges in the sky. Enough preamble, can we dive in already? Yes. Yes, we may.  


In my incredibly unhumble opinion, the key to a great adventure is variety. And monsters! It seems like MrAniman2, the creators behind Medieval City Adventure, agree because this world map is filled to the brim with various puzzle pieces that all come together for one epic adventure. There are monsters to fight, gates to open, rooms to discover, custom music to vibe to, easter eggs, parkour, and quests galore! Phew! I am almost out of breath just from listing everything in this map. Almost. I’ve saved the last bit of oxygen and the future stich in my side for all the new skins I’m about to try on. 


How does one follow a city filled with monsters? By taking to the sky, of course! The Overworld’s upper area is filled with all kinds of things, like a sun that sets and rises, clouds that look both blocky and fluffy at the same time, and a mob that the community voted in for the sole purpose of taking my nightmares to the next level. But now, there’s a new terrifying, flying entity in town! Move over phantom, because here come five enderman dragon-rider skins! Fill the sky with a dark, purple glow and as you take flight to rule over all of your kingdoms! 


Have you ever thrown a piece of paper into the wind? I have, but not for the reasons you might think. But no matter your personal motivation, that sheet of paper is sure to fly in any direction except the one you intended. This, I think,is something we like to call free choice? Wait. It’s not? Then why did I spend all this time setting up the joke. Oh right, it’s because throwing paper into the wind is a metaphor for telling a teen what do. Especially these nine new skins, because they all go under the theme of Free Choice Teens. They’re going to do whatever they want! From parkour to watching anime to ignoring all of my reasonable requests. I am going to use all my free choice to become one of them so I can defy my own rules! Take that, me! 

Keep living your best life as a rambunctious teen with the Anime Rich Teens skin pack and School Tycoon! by Doctor Benx!


Nothing beats a great view. Actually, for once, I am mistaken. Because what if I told you that you could take in the beauty of the Overworld from a bird’s perspective, while also taking exploring different biomes, battling mobs, and fighting for survival in a series of intense challenges? You would say, that’s way better! And you would be correct. King Cube have created a map filled with unique quests, achievements, and challenges as far as the eye can see! Take on the challenge alone or with your friends, my only advice to you is to try not to look down while you fight the Ender Dragon. You’ll thank me later.

If you can’t get enough of skyblock challenges, check out Mini World by Mine-North!


We’re going to stick around in the sky for a little bit longer. How much longer, you ask? However long it takes for a Great Warrior to be summoned from the heaves to save the land of Mozaria from a spreading darkness. Anyone who has spent any time in Minecraft knows what darkness means – monsters! They are not only spawning but also lurking, which makes them a great threat. You can take on this noble quest alone or with your pals, but there is no time to waste. There are deadly mobs to defeat, new items to discover, and intense boss battles to get through. 


Now that we have begun our descent, why not land in a beautiful Chinese landscape? Keep that momentum going though, because we’re going to climb a mountain and claim the fortress that awaits us at the top. Bring some friends along to explore the village at the base of the mountain and the discover the secrets of the ancient peach tree. There are five Hanfu-themed skins to don as you search the abandoned castle for loot – that is, if you get past the monsters that stand guard! 

Explore more beautiful areas in Tree of Gold by Pathway Studios and Wildlife: Jungle by PixelHeads


I quite like the castle life, so I’m jumping straight into a new one – Ruby Castle! Before you traverse the realistic, custom terrain to reach the castle, why not stop by the village first? There are over 20 medieval structure to explore before you take on the enormous castle. It’s fully furnished of course, so take your time and maybe bring a friend or two along. You don’t want to miss out on any of the details! 

Explore even more in Advanced Lucky Chests by Inpixel and City Mash-Up by Everbloom Games!


We’ve spent quite a lot of time in the lofty heights of Minecraft, so before we go let’s come back down to Earth by spending some time in another epic hillbase. This underground survival map is waiting to be explored! There is a village to visit, a mine cart roller coaster, exciting challenges, and more redstone than you can count! And like any good hillbase, this one is teeming with secrets. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

If the rolling hills of this base have you yearning for more changes of scenery, check out some new texture packs like Quadral by Sycolone Studios and Vividity by Noxcrew!


If you want to soar through the skies you will need to subscribe to Realms Plus  via your Minecrafting device! You and up to ten of your friends can enjoy over 100 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalogue is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard.  Visit the Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun! 

What’s that? Was that the sound of a castle in need of exploration? A skin waiting to be tried on? A base left abandoned? I’ll see you later, I am clearly needed elsewhere. 

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