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9 new maps, skins, and textures coming to Realms Plus in May!

It’s May! What does that mean? Aside from reminding us of the inescapable passage of time, each month brings new exciting free items for Realms Plus members!

What is Realms Plus, you may ask? Well, push aside that rock you’ve been living under and let me tell you. Realms Plus is Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 90 pieces of the best content on the Minecraft Marketplace, from adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and more. Check out May’s beaming bundle of maps:

Clear Craft by GoE-Craft

Big pixels not your thing? Clear Craft takes Minecraft’s original blocks and wraps them in sharp, shiny, bright, and beautiful 64x textures while also adding details to every block, item, and mob. Plus, you also get improved mobs including zombies, dragons, Creepers and more as well as 12 free HD skins.

Lithos HD Textures by Syclone Studios

Not too pixelated, not too sharp – just right. Familiar and faithful, Lithos HD takes your world to the next level with detailed 32x textures while staying true to the vanilla Minecraft look. Created by Eleazzaar for Syclone Studios, this pack also includes eight HD skins.

Medieval Texture Pack by Gamemode One

Give your game the royal treatment with these stunning medieval textures! Create immersive fantasy structures and roleplay as royalty, knights, and heroes with 20 medieval skins!

The Enderman Heists by Everbloom Games

Pull off daring heists in a one-of-a-kind stealth game – in Minecraft! With the help of your mysterious partner, Speaks, you must steal the Ghost Eye Gem from The Enderman Family mob in New Block City. Discover advanced stealth mechanics never before seen in Minecraft, nail-biting gameplay, and a compelling story with full voiceover!

Skyline – Parkour & Roleplay by Pixels & Blocks

No time for intricate buildings or stealth on this map – it’s all about speed! The neon city is your playground, and you have to parkour across it to collect emeralds, which you can then spend on power-up items. Tired of the same old parkour course? Use your flying car to discover new ones! Roleplay in three luxury apartments, experience 75 unique parkour courses, and dress up in five neon skins!

Dinosaur Island by PixelHeads

Science gave us computers. Yay, science! But it also unleashed prehistoric beasts onto this once-idyllic island thanks to some out-of-control genetic experiments. Boo, science! Explore and solve the hidden mysteries of this intriguing island in a completely new adventure on Dinosaur Island! Discover a story-driven adventure, fight and ride dinosaurs, and prevail in boss battles!

Space Battle Simulator by QwertyuiopThePie

What’s the best kind of ship? A friendship! But spaceships are a close second – and nothing says ‘true friends’ like fighting each other in futuristic spaceships. The rules are simple: choose between the Clarke or the Asimov and try to destroy your opponent’s ship. P.S.: you can play one-on-one, but it’s more fun between four players!

Fashion Frenzy by The Hive

Nothing to wear despite a full Character Creator? Craving a spring wardrobe refresh? This mega pack has a wide range of trendy teens, all with fantastic fashion sense. Discover a total of 40 skins for every occasion!

Lucky Block Race by Volcano

Feeling lucky? This classic race is back and better than ever! Race your friends in this fun map that’s fully voice acted for the best immersion and includes custom mobs and sounds, as well as 16 free skins!

Want even more awesome creations? Head to our Realms Plus site for more content!

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