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Minecraft x Uniqlo Collaboration Celebration

And a free skin pack too!

Fashion is for the bold, right?! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you find a piece of clothing that you love. And yes, while this shirt I’m wearing was originally designed for children – if it is on an adult, that makes it an adult’s shirt. Right? I see no flaws with this logic. 

This rant actually leads me to why we’re all gathered for this blog post today (smooth, right?). Uniqlo and Minecraft are teaming up to make the best T-shirts for all kids who want to take their Minecraft style to the next level. Or adults who are very determined to fit into cute shirts, no matter what. Launching this spring, the collection will be available worldwide so you’ll be able to pick up one (or twenty) shirts sooner than you think!

“Pfft, shirts for the real world? Call me when I can buy that shirt in Minecraft.” Well bud, you’ll want to pick up the phone because you CAN get these shirts in Minecraft with the Minecraft x Uniqlo Skin Pack! On top of that, this skin pack is completely free! Make sure to grab it on March 2nd, and keep an eye out at Uniqlo for the Minecraft x Uniqlo UT collaboration in stores this spring!

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