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Minecraft Snapshot 19w45a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

This week's snapshot brings you many performance improvements and bugfixes. We've now released 19w45b with a crash fix.

Changes in 19w45b

  • Fixed a crash bug.

Fixed bugs in 19w45b

  • MC-165137 - java.lang.NullPointerException: Tesselating liquid in world - Crash while loading some worlds because of a grass block

Changes in 19w45a

  • Bees will now search up to 10 blocks away from itself in all directions to find a nest / hive to call home
  • Brought over a change from Minecraft Bedrock
  • Improved Performance
  • Changed how some textures are used by the game
  • Fixed bugs


Change from Minecraft Bedrock:
  • Composters are now crafted from wooden slabs


  • Shield patterns are now using alpha channel instead of brightness
  • Command used to change the patterns:
    for f in *.png; do convert "$f" -alpha copy tmp.png && composite tmp.png -compose copy-opacity ../shield_base.png tmp2.png && convert tmp2.png -fill "rgba(0,1,0,1)" -draw "rectangle 0,0 1,63" -draw "rectangle 2,0 63,1" -draw "rectangle 2,22 64,64" -draw "rectangle 12,2 64,64" -fill none -draw "matte 0,0 floodfill" tmp3.png && mv tmp3.png "$f" && rm tmp.png tmp2.png; done

Fixed bugs in 19w45a

  • MC-164778 - Parrots can still imitate endermen
  • MC-164759 - Potions held by witches float above their arm
  • MC-164732 - When lighting a campfire below a beehive, the campfire does not light up and instead, the hive starts to burn
  • MC-164514 - Blazes and Ghasts can light campfires even when mobGriefing is false
  • MC-164485 - Superflat preset icons cause text to not render
  • MC-164448 - While trading with villagers, the experience progress bar shoots beyond the gui
  • MC-164397 - Birches no longer generate in Dark Forest biome
  • MC-164383 - Game Crash Exploit
  • MC-164289 - Entity shadows cause clouds behind them to not render
  • MC-164121 - Entities in spawners are rendered too dark
  • MC-164114 - Falling blocks no longer support glowing effect
  • MC-164070 - Dispensed Armor Stands only face south
  • MC-164020 - Bees are not taking pollen from tall flowers anymore
  • MC-164012 - 3D inventory models transformed into 2D inventory models have a non-transparent background
  • MC-163870 - Advancements menu still isn't clipped properly on small GUI scale
  • MC-163854 - Breaking animation is flipped horizontally on some sides
  • MC-163789 - Mysterious blinking pixels when in lava
  • MC-163353 - Left wings and legs of the ender dragon are shaded darker than right wings and legs
  • MC-163282 - Shadows are z-fighting when riding an entity
  • MC-163270 - Sign in sign editing GUI is too dark
  • MC-163242 - Blocks on armor stands render shadows based on camera vector
  • MC-163233 - Entity shadows render in front of block hitboxes
  • MC-163144 - World border is rendered in front of all non-transparent blocks
  • MC-163113 - Placing a banner cause an error in the game output
  • MC-163084 - Beacon beam lighting depends on viewing angle
  • MC-163079 - Chunk borders are rendered in front of all non-transparent blocks
  • MC-163064 - Character skin is too dark in inventory
  • MC-163054 - Bee Flower tracking/pollination AI broken
  • MC-163048 - Barrier particle changes to a random texture after changing resource pack
  • MC-163012 - Bees no longer have an animation while pollinating flowers
  • MC-162905 - Kelp naturally generates with 'age' too low
  • MC-162808 - Poppies are positioned incorrectly when held by an iron golem
  • MC-162736 - Text cursor disappears when editing sign text
  • MC-162519 - Block hitboxes are rendered transparent
  • MC-162368 - Burning mobs are no longer bright
  • MC-162338 - Entity shadows don't display properly on transparent blocks
  • MC-162279 - Beacon beam loses color at high altitudes
  • MC-162078 - Bees cannot pathfind if they are submerged in water
  • MC-162013 - Player model in inventory is affected by light level 
  • MC-161976 - Enchanted trident loses enchanted glint when thrown into the ground
  • MC-161948 - Models with alpha channel do not render all faces consistently
  • MC-161927 - Pillagers don't have any arms if they aren't carrying a crossbow
  • MC-161926 - Breaking animation is more transparent when mining ice or stained glass
  • MC-161923 - Breaking animation is rendered behind water and nether portals
  • MC-161849 - Items in inventory, subtitles, background, chat, notifications on the screen and game menu are darker and have a blue tint when you have the night vision effect
  • MC-161302 - Banners appear blank white for a split of a second when placing them
  • MC-161277 - Graphics card information displays method calls on the debug/F3 screen
  • MC-161009 - Bee nests and hives drop in Creative mode even if gamerule doTileDrops is set to false
  • MC-161002 - Endermen don't turn to face you when looked at
  • MC-160978 - Foxes not consuming food anymore
  • MC-160291 - Bees leave their nest/hive when it is sheared or used to fill bottles, even there is a campfire below it and it is night time
  • MC-160177 - Block breaking animation doesn't show for other players
  • MC-159803 - Bees wander too far from their nest and get lost
  • MC-159648 - Bees can claim hives behind walls
  • MC-159646 - Bees get stuck on cocoa beans
  • MC-159576 - Yiddish is displayed left-to-right instead of right-to-left
  • MC-159514 - Bees are flying back to original nest
  • MC-159496 - Player death uses incorrect sound event
  • MC-159447 - Bees occasionally get stuck on fences, fence gates, and walls
  • MC-159418 - Bees do not update their home hive even if there are empty hives nearby
  • MC-159410 - Bees with NoAI can get angry
  • MC-159368 - Bees do not follow players holding tall flowers
  • MC-159350 - Bees freeze if they cannot execute their current AI task / Bees don't seem to have a wandering AI
  • MC-155758 - Endermen don't pick up non collidable blocks
  • MC-155289 - Mob spawning rate in the Overworld is reduced
  • MC-153697 - Iron golems will occasionally attack players in creative/spectator mode
  • MC-153334 - Cured villagers sell bookshelves for 1 emerald and buy books for 1 emerald, allowing players to easily get an unlimited amount of emeralds
  • MC-152683 - Spectral Arrow doesn't count for "Take Aim" achievement
  • MC-152159 - You can hit the dragon during its death animation
  • MC-149343 - Chunk block lag when tall spruce tree is grown in that chunk
  • MC-149181 - Biome blend causes massive stuttering when loading chunks or when placing/breaking blocks
  • MC-147548 - Terrible performance with large forest fires
  • MC-136984 - Game Crash Exploit
  • MC-133877 - Extreme lag from decaying leaves
  • MC-117635 - Rear legs of sitting tamed wolf are displayed hovering
  • MC-94013 - End Stone Bricks are less durable than End Stone and destroyed by the Ender Dragon
  • MC-24336 - Withers are harmed by the explosions of their wither skulls
  • MC-3591 - Cured zombie villagers don't drop picked up items

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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