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Minecraft Novel Cover Revealed!

Get a look at Max Brook's novel - Minecraft: The Island

For once, you can judge a book by its cover - Minecraft: The Island is just as thrillingly vibrant as the art wrapped around it.

The novel in question is written by Max Brooks (who you may know as the author of the zombie-themed future-history, World War Z) and follows the survival efforts of a lone hero, stranded in a strange and perilous land. The cover, meanwhile, is the work of artist Ian Wilding, whose designs we wrote about only last week!

Max Brooks has spoken about the book with Entertainment Weekly. Go and read the full thing here. Here's a snippet:

"I already had a specific story I wanted to tell. Like we said, Minecraft speaks to different people in different ways, and this is how it spoke to me, specifically.

"We need to be very clear: I’m not writing the Minecraft book. I’m writing a Minecraft book. If the folks from Halo called me to write the Halo book, I could do that, but you cannot write the Minecraft Book. [...]

"The premise is that this person wakes up in this world and knows that they are from our world, but doesn’t know who they are in that world. They have no memory. It is a story of survival: waking up at the bottom of the ocean, swimming to an island, and having to survive on that island. And the story is, before this person can answer the really big questions like, 'How did I get here? How do I get home?,' they have to solve the basic survival questions of 'How do I eat?' and 'How am I safe?' and 'Where do I sleep at night?'"

I can't wait to read the final draft. In the meantime, have a closer look at the lovely cover art! Ooh, aah, etc.

Marsh Davies
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