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MINECON Earth: New Details!

Let’s get together - wherever you are!

It’s a-comin’!

MINECON Earth arrives on November 18 - in a brand new format! As you might have heard, we’re changing things up this year to make MINECON as accessible as possible for as much of our community as possible.

You can read all about it on our super swish MINECON page. Look at it swishing over there! So swishy.

The short version is that we are going to be broadcasting an amazing, 90-minute-long spectacular show to every corner of the globe! You can watch it from the comfort of your own home, join in the fun with friends, or head out to meet like-minded minecrafters at one of our many super special Viewing Parties!

Read on for all the latest deets!

Find the fun near you!

Today we’re delighted to reveal a number of Viewing Party locations - but keep your eyes on the MINECON page as we update the list in the coming weeks! There are MANY more locations to come.

As well as broadcasting the show itself, there'll be prizes, giveaways, costume contests and, of course, plenty of opportunity to play Minecraft itself. Test your elite competitive skills against the best your community has to offer, or collaborate on mighty builds in creative mode - it's up to you! Oh, and viewing parties held at Microsoft Store locations will be totally free!

Find the nearest Viewing Party to you on the MINECON page for info on ticketing, timings and more.

Bring the party home!

If you’re looking something closer to home (or school - why not ask your teacher to set something up?), you can always grab some craftin’ chums and hold your own party. The MINECON page has a bunch of links to inspire you. Plus you can now pre-order exclusive MINECON swag from J!NX and Target - including limited edition tees, caps and turquoise sheep! - and get it delivered right to your door. Kit out your house with limited edition loot and let the party start in style!

Dress to impress!

Get your glue guns and sewing machines at the ready! Or get a responsible adult instead! Why? Because THE COSTUME COMPETITION RETURNS! In fact, you can enter it RIGHT NOW. Submit a video of yourself in full Minecraft garb by October 22nd and we will select three winners, fly them out and plonk them down, centre-stage at the MINECON Earth broadcast itself! So get crafting, and go here to fill out the form!

We’re nowhere near done!

Keep an eye on the MINECON page as more details come in! There’s loads more we want to tell you - and plenty we can’t because of SPOILERS! For example, for the first time ever we’ll be giving YOU the chance to decide what goes in the game. What do I mean by that? You’ll just have to watch and find out! I can say it’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun though - and something you'll want to share with friends!

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