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Important Realms Update

Canceled or expired Realms will be deleted

Time sure flies when you’re running around in Realms with your friends. But time also comes with consequences, such as dust and piles and piles of piles. I am still working on my mecha-dust bunny, so the first problem will have to wait but the second one has a slightly less supervillain-esque solution. 

To prevent unplayed worlds filling up with dust, Realms that have been canceled or expired for 18 months will be deleted. Local mathematicians tell me that 18 months is a little over a year, so if you feel like it’s been a while since you checked in on your world now is the time! 

There are two ways to reactivate a canceled or expired realm:

You can renew your subscription by going to Settings > Subscriptions, clicking the “Renew” button for the Realm you want to reactivate. 

You can also download your world locally by going into your Realm, clicking on the “Edit World” button on the slot of the world you want to download, and then clicking on the “Download World” button.

Unlike the one-off vacuuming session my apartment gets, this decluttering will happen continuously. That means that whenever a Realm hits the canceled or expired 18-month mark, it will be deleted. If you have any questions about canceled or expired realms you can contact customer support here: I’m off to wake my own dormant realm up, it will make the perfect testing ground for my rabid rabbit robot. 

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