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Give us your Minecraft Feedback

We’ve redesigned our feedback site!

Have you been by the official Minecraft feedback site lately? In case you missed it, it’s got a brand new look, and we’re here to give you a guided tour of how it works!

The feedback site helps our team find out about the things that matter to you the most and what you want to see in Minecraft. The community team reads your suggestions and feedback every day. Then, we compile the feedback and discuss it with the teams that need to see them. Once the team knows what everyone would like to see in the game, they discuss the concept (and the comments), decide if it’s right for Minecraft, draw up a basic plan, decide when they can devote time to work on the idea, and at some point start to work on those new things. Making new ideas happen is pretty easy, right?

Turns out, getting an idea into Minecraft is a pretty long process (and I just simplified it a lot) involving different teams around the world. So if you’re suggesting something, be patient – you may not see it in the next patch, but you may see it eventually! If you’re curious about what’s coming to Minecraft right away, check the beta and snapshot changelogs.

To get started, log in to the feedback site with your free Microsoft account. This lets you:

  • Subscribe to interesting threads (there are so many of these)
  • Post and comment on ideas (remember to be nice)
  • Vote on ideas (we like to keep things positive so we only have upvotes)
  • Report spam and offensive content (no one likes spam)

Be sure to register with an account you plan on checking often, and get alerts on threads sent to your email! This is also where alerts go in case the team needs to contact you about your post.

The feedback site also contains a number of things that are specifically designed to help you get started. There are the rules of the site, some helpful general tips we’ve put together about writing your great ideas up, and extra help for those big ideas about biomes and dimensions.

We’ve also added a Previously Considered Suggestion page. We’re always updating this page when we talk to the team about specific ideas, or to let you know about the things just don’t fit in Minecraft (like realistic sharks, for example – please stop asking for those).

The search box is located on every single page of the Feedback site. Just enter a word or two about the topic you want to post about and hit return. Helpful hint: if you have more than one word, use quotes around each word to get the best results! Like “kelp” “tea” instead of “kelp tea”. It's amazing what you can find with one word.

The site also suggests related threads when you enter a new post for your idea. It also helps if you keep your ideas to a single idea per post. That way people know what they’re voting for! (And it makes it easy to search.)

Cutting down on threads with very similar ideas will let ideas stay together so they can receive the attention they deserve. If you read an idea and have a better way to do the same thing or a completely different approach to the same basic idea, join the discussion! We read all the comments and keep them in mind.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind!

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