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Dungeons Anniversary by numbers

Stats and milestones from our first year!

The Dungeons Anniversary Event Celebration is at the zenith of its festivities, with plenty of cake (and in-game goodies) left for everyone! Unbelievable! If I had known turning one year old meant a free cape I would’ve pestered my parents when I was a toddler! If you haven’t yet claimed your rewards from the seasonal trials, make sure you grab them before June 8!

But this event is more than just amazing gear and capes – it’s also about earning a bunch of emeralds celebrating our journey together: the missions we explored, the challenges we fought,  the friends we made along the way –  even those infinite times Archie made suspicious stew out of my blocky behind on Apocalypse Plus. If only there was a way to turn these precious moments into numbers and hard facts. Oh, there is?

Let’s feast our eyes upon the astonishing achievements, marvelous milestones, the HARD STATS, you’ve all contributed to over the past year!

Per Landin
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Per Landin

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