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A hero riding through the tundra alongside two plank golems and two cobblestone golems

Watch the second Minecraft Legends short

Around the Minecraft Legends Overworld in 30 seconds

In Minecraft Legends, not only do you get to experience the Overworld as you’ve never seen it before (lush and peaceful – aside from the piglins, of course) but you also get to explore many of its biomes, each with its own resources, mobs, and other surprises. And there's only two weeks left to go until you can do it!

While in the actual game it’s nice to take your time to explore the unique Overworld in your playthrough (don’t dally too much though, with those piglins rampaging!) we thought we’d give you a bite-sized preview of some of the environments you’ll encounter on your hero’s journey.

From the majestic mangroves of the swamp to the deep ravines of the badlands, there’s much to explore and admire in the Overworld of Minecraft Legends. Just watch your step – fall damage is very much a thing, plus you never know who you might bump into...

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