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Jump into Realms Plus December! This image features a sneak peak into Pet Mobs, Cartoon Craft and Survival Scavenger Hunt!
Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

Realms Plus: December

Winter wonders, mythical skins, and more!

A cozy image of Holiday Winter Mansion by CrackedCubes, complete with an epic, snow-covered mansion!
A cheery image of the Happy Family Roleplay by Pixelbiester map, including the mint green vehicle you can explore your friendly new neighborhood in!
An adorable picture from Pet Mobs by CubeCraft Games showing a tamed panda, a tamed golem and even a tamed sea turtle!
This image of Survival Scavenger Hunt by Pathway Studios shows eight random items (a compass! An emerald! A honeycomb! A bucket of lava! And more!) You’ll have to scour the map to find them all.
This image of the Mermaids skin pack by Monster Egg Studios shows five glowing mermaid skins that'll make your underwater explorations fin-tastic!
An image showcasing some of the glowing skins available in the Dark Depths Ancient Creatures skin pack by Hourglass Studios
Woohoo! This cartoonish texture pack will turn your Overworld by GoE-Craft into something cute and goofy! In this picture, you can see a silly ghast, a happy panda, a shocked creeper, and a friendly villager!

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