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A picture of the marina at Holiday Resort by CrackedCubes! Two avatars bob in the water on their jet skis, a blue speedboat and a matching plane sit in the foreground, and there's a bustling marina behind!
Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

New Year’s Celebration: Holiday Resort

A dream destination with a secret End-ing

An image of you being welcomed to one of the VIP villas at Holiday Resort by CrackedCubes by a friendly, green-haired avatar. Fancy!

"My personal favourite is the seaplane race, or the drop tower! The drop tower was the most fun to create. It’s designed to give the player the thrill of going up and down in a drop tower (otherwise known as a big drop, or a gravity dropper). Of course, if you spend too much time on it you might find yourself hindered by a certain, unique effect… But the point of having so many interactive activities is that the player gets to choose what they think is the best thing to enjoy in the map!"

Cal from CrackedCubes
An image showing a sea-plane zooming through a checkpoint - one of the activities you can play through in the Holiday Resort map by CrackedCubes!

"Well, you could could spend the night as a VIP, drive a golf cart to the main hotel for food, take a plunge in the waterpark rapids, grab some lunch, beat your friends at a few holes of mini-golf, and then play against NPCs in the bumper cart track! The experiences are very varied, depending on what the player wants to do at any particular moment. Plus, this world does still facilitate the existing and very treasured Minecraft experience... so if you want to use the golf cart to drive across the End, then you can so long as you take it with you through the portal!"

Cal from CrackedCubes
A great shot of the drop tower in Holiday Resort by CrackedCubes. Would you dare to ride it?
Woohoo! These multi-colored bumper cars look like a lot of fun, and this image shows five avatars driving around in them.

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