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A picture of the marina at Holiday Resort by CrackedCubes! Two avatars bob in the water on their jet skis, a blue speedboat and a matching plane sit in the foreground, and there's a bustling marina behind!

New Year’s Celebration: Holiday Resort

A dream destination with a secret End-ing

If you live in the colder hemisphere right now, then chances are you’ll be just as excited as I am at the prospect of stepping out of the snow, and into the sunshine! And what better than tropical sunshine, with a warm, blocky breeze? Perhaps even a few islands, shimmering on the horizon? What about if we could all take a trip there, today, for free? Well, I have good news for you, friend, because our New Year’s Celebration continues, and this week our destination is Holiday Resort by CrackedCubes!*

Become a VIP and explore this enormous, tropical five-star map, complete with a marina, a golf course, luxury villas, ferris wheel, and more! In fact, there is so much to do, see and explore in this tropical paradise that I didn’t know where to start. That’s why I asked Cal from CrackedCubes for some tips!

"My personal favourite is the seaplane race, or the drop tower! The drop tower was the most fun to create. It’s designed to give the player the thrill of going up and down in a drop tower (otherwise known as a big drop, or a gravity dropper). Of course, if you spend too much time on it you might find yourself hindered by a certain, unique effect… But the point of having so many interactive activities is that the player gets to choose what they think is the best thing to enjoy in the map!"

Cal from CrackedCubes

Perhaps I'll begin by challenging myself to... a race! Take to the skies in a seaplane and zoom around the island, manoeuvring through all the checkpoints before making a sprint for the finish line! If you’re more comfortable on water, then grab a jet-ski and splash around the crystal blue, tropical ocean instead! Or if you’re feeling really brave (and you’re not scared of heights) then try the tree parkour challenge! As long as you don’t beat any of my records, because I’m really proud of my 10-minute flight time (I wanted to take in all the sights! Have you seen those VIP villas?)

After all those adrenaline-pumping activities, I think we deserve a break. This is a VIP Holiday Resort, after all! What do you recommend, Cal?

"Well, you could could spend the night as a VIP, drive a golf cart to the main hotel for food, take a plunge in the waterpark rapids, grab some lunch, beat your friends at a few holes of mini-golf, and then play against NPCs in the bumper cart track! The experiences are very varied, depending on what the player wants to do at any particular moment. Plus, this world does still facilitate the existing and very treasured Minecraft experience... so if you want to use the golf cart to drive across the End, then you can so long as you take it with you through the portal!"

Cal from CrackedCubes

I’m sorry Cal, did you just say I can drive a golf cart in the End? It’s perhaps not the vacation destination I was thinking of, but running from Endermen in a golf cart is surely going to be more efficient than my usual panicked strides! Does the golf cart come with a diamond-sword-wielding caddy? No? Then luckily for me this map supports multiplayer, so I can bring my friends and watch them fight, while I cower behind the wheel! Better yet, why don’t you all hop through that End portal, and I’ll stay here at the water park? Much less dangerous…

With forty skins and seven free persona items included, you can look the part of VIP holiday-goer, too! I think I’m going to show off my new threads by taking a stroll along the grand promenade. Or perhaps I’ll try my hand at golf? I’m pretty sure the clothes are 90% of the fun. Can you tell I’ve never played golf before? No? Great!

To start your VIP holiday adventure at CrackedCubes’ Holiday Resort, just head down to Minecraft Marketplace! See you there, friends!


*Holiday Resort map requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately) with access to Minecraft Marketplace. Limit 1 per person/account.

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