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MINECON Live co-hosts revealed

Meet the hosts of our epic September 28th livestream!

Got any plans on September 28th? Meeting friends? Getting married? Watching paint dry? Well, CANCEL THEM ALL (unless it's the marriage one) because September 28th is the date of MINECON Live, our epic livestream celebration of all things Minecraft! It’ll be easy to stream  LIVE all over the world, including at that aforementioned wedding. Don't forget to scowl at anyone who objects and to tell the bride and groom to keep the volume down with those vows — you’re trying to enjoy all the new Minecraft announcements.

This handy page has loads of info about MINECON Live, but the page you're currently on is no MINECON Live dunce either. Because today, we're revealing the co-hosts, for the very first time! (Unless you follow us on Twitter!). Let's meet the fabulous foursome who'll be co-hosting with Lydia Winters:


Japanese Influencer and a strong contender for ‘smiliest man ever filmed’, Masuo will be co-hosting MINECON Live! But what’s his favourite skill in Minecraft? What block would he like to see added to the game? What’s the meaning of life? Watch Masuo answer two-thirds of those questions in the video below!


The clear winner of ‘Most Misspelt Co-Host Name In Early Drafts of This Article’, Marielitai is our next fantastic co-host! But what makes her angry when playing Minecraft? Her name being constantly misspelt by me, the most hopeless ‘writer’ the internet has ever seen? Hopefully not, let’s watch the video below and find out:


Pop Quiz: Who’s the MINECON Live co-host whose name rhymes with ‘bubble’? That’s right, it’s Lydia Winters, horribly mispronounced! I mean, Shubble! But what’s her proudest Minecraft moment? How is she preparing to co-host MINECON Live? By training with an Olympic athlete for 11 months, eating nothing but raw eggs and protein shakes, and putting their body through physical hell until it’s capable of doing 6000 press-ups a minute? Oh, wait, no, that’s how Jens is preparing.  

Let’s meet Shubble in the below video!


More like, dangthatsagreatcohostannouncement! Amirite? Yes. Unlike spellchecking software, we’re huge fans of Dangthasalongname, our fourth and final MINECON Live co-host! But what hidden talents does he possess? Let’s ask him in the video below!

Together with Lydia Winters, this quirky quartet will do an excellent job of co-hosting MINECON Live, hopefully by not using words like ‘quirky’ or ‘quartet’. Follow us on Twitter for more MINECON Live updates and bookmark this oh so handy page for all the MINECON Live updates you could ever want!

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