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How to gift Minecraft

A quick step-by-step guide to a shared experience!

In Sweden, there’s a saying: Shared joy is double joy! Or, as we know it in the rest of the world: Sharing is caring! Words to live by – as long as it doesn’t mean sharing my hard-earned diamonds with other players. I found them first! They’re MINE

Diamonds aside, there’s nothing better than a shared Minecraft experience. After all, Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and having adventures – together – and having friends and family there with you only makes your experiences all the more memorable.  

Recently, we introduced a new feature that allows you to purchase the game as a present for someone else, called Gifting Minecraft. Curious about how it works? Let’s find out how you can gift Minecraft: Java Edition & Bedrock Edition!

Step 1 – Go to "Get Minecraft"

To gift Minecraft to your friend, family member – or even pet if they too like sandbox games – you need to start by navigating to the page where all the magic happens: “Get Minecraft”. This step is easy, just look for a big green button in the upper right corner of that reads – you guessed it – “Get Minecraft”, then click it. You can probably see it right now as you’re reading this message! Sneaky green button, hogging all the attention... :( 


Once on the Get Minecraft page, you will have several purchase options. Here, you can purchase either the Deluxe Collection or the standard game. Both contain Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong version for whoever you’re purchasing the game for – as long as they’re playing on PC! Just make sure you click the option “Purchase as a gift”. 


Here comes the fun part! Now it’s time to pick the recipient of your gift. For this, you will need the recipient’s email address. A redeemable digital code will be sent to this address, which will allow them to download both the Minecraft Launcher and the game. In addition, make sure to add your own name to the second field so they know who the sender is! 


In order to complete your purchase, you must add your preferred payment method. Sadly, in-game emeralds is not a currency we support.  

Once you’ve added all the necessary information, you will be automatically sent to a final confirmation screen where all details will be listed. Once you have confirmed it is all correct and feel satisfied with the results, hit the green button “Purchase as Gift”. Congratulations, your dear one will now receive their very own version of Minecraft! 


No more red tape! Just you, your good friend/family member/pet, and an entire Overworld at your feet. Survive the night, build a work of art, and most importantly: enjoy your shared adventure! If you'd like to learn about how to enjoy Minecraft, we offer a library of resources that cover the fundamentals of the game: from how you craft or use a controller to surviving your very first night in Survival mode.

For even more deep-dive details on gift-giving on, see this helpful article!

Good luck! 

Per Landin
Per Landin

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