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Welcome to Camp Enderwood

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Campfires. Toasty treats. Physical activities. Spooky woods. Mysterious creatures. If you're still reading and not recoiling in terror, then this DLC and Creator Series collection are for you! And if you’re hiding behind your keyboard, don’t worry. The horrors are totally optional! 

Welcome to Camp Enderwood, the island summer camp of your dreams – and nightmares! In this free DLC*, you can participate in parkour, archery, hide n' hunt, and more to earn marshmallows that can be roasted into elusive s'mores. But if you venture outside the camp and into the depths of the spooky forest... let’s say a different kind of excitement awaits you. Whether you want to sit by the campfire and observe the cute wildlife as you munch on a marshmallow or face the unknown in the scary woods, there is an activity for you.

One of the best parts of summer camp is all the different people you meet, and everyone is welcome at Camp Enderwood. That’s why we’re not only releasing the DLC, but also six new Mattel Creator Series sets that will allow you to express yourself in-game and IRL. These sets are available now and come with action figures inspired by in-game Minecraft player characters, as well as accessories that you can use to customize them to your personal style. 

The sets are: three individual camper sets, two cryptid expansion packs, and a Mount Enderwood Yeti Scare story pack, featuring two action figures and a campfire – including marshmallows on sticks! All the action figures are customizable, and compatible with all the Creator Series accessories, even ones from previous collections. Plus, five more sets are coming this summer! You can find Camp Enderwood toys at Target, Walmart, or Amazon in the US and select local retailers worldwide.

Each Character Series set will give you access to in-game equivalent accessories** through a scannable code inside the package, so you can feel and look like yourself (or your chosen character) as you parkour, lounge on the beach, or hit the dance floor. And even if you don’t purchase an action figure, there are some free Camp Enderwood-themed Character Creator items waiting for you in the Dressing Room! Just launch the game and claim them.

You can get the DLC for free either by scanning the code on the Creator Series packaging or simply going to Minecraft Marketplace. You don’t need to purchase any of the action figure sets to access the DLC – Camp Enderwood is free for all Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players.

Are you ready for a summer of memories, no matter what hemisphere you’re in? Grab your marshmallows, get set, aaand go!


*DLC requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Online multiplayer functionality may require a platform-specific subscription. Action figures sold separately.

**Exclusive character creator items available with specially marked Mattel Camp Enderwood Toy purchases.  

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