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New Worlds for RTX Windows 10 Beta!

Get the creator-made maps today!

Have you tried the new RTX Beta maps, the ones we released in partnership with NVIDIA? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hold your ray-traced horses because I’ll explain how you get your hands on them a little bit further down. Right now we need to focus, because the third wave of RTX content and updates we’re releasing today hasn’t just fixed a bunch of bugs, but has made the experience of cutting-edge path-traced ray tracing even sharper, pathier, and tracier. Oh, those aren’t all real words? To that I say, innovation spawns new nomenclature. Also, if Shakespeare could invent new words so can I! 

Let’s stop worrying about made-up words, that leads to questions about whether or not writing degrees have been fabricated and we don’t want that. Not when there are new maps to explore! The Creator Worlds Pack #3 features two new maps that don’t just look gorgeous but also come with new gameplay!


World: Portal Pioneers RTX

Creator: Cyclone Designs

Type: Adventure

Download From: Minecraft Marketplace

Step through mysterious gateways that transport you into new worlds! The immersive story comes with a voice over and a helpful robot companion. You and your friends can work together to complete challenging puzzles, fight unique monsters, and explore dazzling sci-fi inspired worlds!

WORLD: Fins n’Flippers RTX

CREATOR: Razzleberries



Get your friends together for a group adventure in an abandoned aquarium! Explore a vast island that features majestic coral reefs and collectible rare species of flora and fauna. Together you can restore the aquarium, research new species, capture unique animals, and unlock new building materials. What are you waiting for, let’s dive in! 

If you’ve already installed Minecraft with RTX beta, load up the Microsoft Store app and check for updates, because a new version of the client was recently released. 

For the complete changelog, head here, and stay tuned to for further Minecraft with RTX news and updates.

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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