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New on Java Realms! A ball of slime in a 2D game.

New on Realms: Discarded Album Titles

Eight new chart-topping maps!

Longtime readers know of my past musical ambitions, but if you somehow missed this key historical moment, just know that you are still experiencing the ripples from the contemporary pop revolution caused by yours truly. Truth be told, after the band split up, I thought I’d be hot in demand as a blossoming self-taught musical genius slash Minecraft map aficionado. Who wouldn’t want to take a chance on somebody whose creative output was at its zenith? The record labels, it turns out. “Ahead of my time”, I’m positive they said.

Their loss really, since now our mapmakers have turned the titles of those never-released albums into smash-hit maps!


by GeneralGimmy, Lyfeless, StuartA & Antison


Gardens of Neglect was to be my debut in the upcoming scene of Agriculture Emo, featuring the lead singles “It’s Mostly Weeds Now” and “I Forgot to Water You”. Luckily, the Minecraft map that shares the album title also carries over the themes of floral disarrangement-based angst and frustration from overgrowth.

It’s a steady race against the clock to keep your garden tidy from stray chickens, creeping vines, and rotten fruits that turn into hostile creatures (don’t act like you’ve never left a pear in the fridge long enough for this to happen)! While the promotional demo of my album received harsh reviews, I think Time Magazine would be hard pressed to call this map... garden variety.


by Technodono

Not to be out for the count, my return to the ring was going to be a beatboxing double album detailing famous prize fights throughout the ages, titled Be-Boxed. Highly conceptual and to be honest I started with the title first, so I’m not entirely dissatisfied with the direction the corresponding map took. Here you play as a ball of slime looking for keys in a magic dungeon. Between you and victory are several locked gates which can only be opened by placing the correct boxes on top of buttons. How do you do this? You need to become the box, of course! Creative interpretation of the source material, I like it!


by Verart

Project Astro – the working title of my ambitious space opera/sci-fi epos telling the tale of fictional astronaut Major Oskar who receives a message of a malfunction in his spacecraft. Oh, the music? Haven’t written one note of it, so I’m not mad that the map has continued its legacy as a 2D space shooter!

Here you must dodge asteroids and enemy spaceships to collect powerups that boost your speed, increase your firepower, or up your shielding capabilities. Admittedly, this would have been a bit tricky to express through a guitar solo.



by Totally Not A Build Team


by Wybiea & Friends


by Peepsibabe, Meddi, & Logarithm


by VentureBT


by groomlakeroad & WhatDaTurtleDoin



Two new characters join the fray: Rakkhus, the Thorn Fiend who definitely has a thorn in his side if you try to attack him, and Horti, the Blight Druid who can grow beneficial plants on your enemies’ remains!


Season 9.1 is here with massive balance changes, most notably for the Assassin whose Mass Freeze ability is remade, and the Shard character whose Anti-Ice Bow got that fresh patch smell!

Bug Fixes:

Border Runners, Falling Sky

Back on Realms:

Abstraction: Minecon Earth


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Happy Minecrafting!

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