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New on Java Realms: Rafting and Crafting

15 new maps arrive on Java Realms!

I don’t know about you all, but I have definitely been playing more Minecraft than usual lately. While I “completed” most of the base game years ago, custom content keeps me coming back, and if you’re a custom content connoisseur like me, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this regular column, we go over the newest additions to the Java Realms content library, and today we have a whopping 15 new maps to try out. As they say, there’s something for everyone! And if you don’t find something for you, we’ll refund the cost of this article for you. That’ll be five diamonds, please!


by Acented, Aeltumn, Grafisch

Crossfire (the Minecraft map, not the board game whose 90’s commercial theme song somehow triggers in my head every time I see the word “Crossfire”) is a simple, but fast-paced PvP map. The arenas are small and intense, and each player’s crossbow can fire off a powerful shot capable of defeating enemies in a single hit. Watch the skies for periodic helicopter spawns; if you shoot one, you might find yourself with some powerful new loot.

Drycut Lanes

by Ty

Drycut Lanes is a race for the wool (the Minecraft genre, not the popular game played in the fields of New Zealand) map in which teams race down their respective lanes, hunting for wool, then making it to the finish. As they hunt, players will need to adventure through underground secrets and survive through various themed areas, such as The Nether, and… The End. Grab a friend – or an enemy – and have a blast as you compete to be the speediest and wooliest Minecrafter there is.

Isolated Isle

by Vertex Creations & AliceHowlter

Isolated Isle (the Realms map releasing today, not what I call my socially-distanced home workspace) is all about collecting raft-making materials in order to escape a tropical isle. You might think that this is the kind of environment that you’d want to be stuck in, but stay there will be complicated by hordes of nocturnal baddies intent on destroying you and your raft. Clever tweaks to crafting, enchanting, and more will breathe some new life into the classic survival formula. So go bang some coconuts together, eat a parrot, and do your best to quickly escape the island!


Shulker Rush II

by MineMakers Team

Pig Thieves

by Yeggs

Floor is a Trap

by RaZZoR409

Inspiring Interior

by edelewill, Feran, 62h


by DeeDeeNaNaNa

Puzzle with Squares

by warco311, MaxLoewe, christina_12

Emerlow Ville

by PixelFurious


by NiekarioLinked, CmdVoid, Zoltarcity

Zombie Cart

by Arrgs, DTPlayers, Captain_Deadpool


by Mynckey

Meteor Miners 2

by likeabauws, 123maarten123, YZEROgame

Chronicles of the Shop

by Fasading

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Happy Minecrafting!

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