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Minecraft Snapshot 18w46a

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

Here in Stockholm, the nights are getting so long that we've all long forgotten what the sun looks like. It's square, right? Anyway, at least navigating Minecraft at night should be easier now we've added lanterns!

Changes in 18w46a

  • Added the lantern
  • Improved Pillager AI
  • Changes to Illager Patrols
  • Increased the distance scaffolding can extend before it falls


Wait?! What? Another new block!?

  • The lantern is a new light source
  • The lantern can be placed either hanging under a block or on top of a block
  • It gives slightly more light than the torch

Illager Patrol

  • Now spawns in the world as a pack of 5 random illagers
  • Removed the "Illager Beast" from patrols

Technical changes in 18w46a

  • Added support for directional opacity of blocks (used by slabs, stairs, snow layers, non-full-block dirt-related blocks and extended piston base blocks)
  • Removed option to turn off VBO in the game settings. VBO are now always used.

Fixed bugs in 18w46a

  • MC-92 - Slab and stairs lighting incorrect
  • MC-99863 - Line breaks different in signed book
  • MC-134063 - Wood blocks have wrong color on maps
  • MC-137266 - Colon in 'Direct Connect' menu crashes game
  • MC-137469 - Sign GUI darkens its buttons too
  • MC-137563 - Horses become invisible when equipped with horse armor
  • MC-137831 - Slimes and magma cubes riding mobs causes game crash
  • MC-138058 - FPS's are switched in alt+F3
  • MC-138283 - Some blocks use wrong color palette on maps
  • MC-138529 - Dyes are consumed when a sign has no text
  • MC-138531 - Dying a sign in creative mode removes dye from inventory
  • MC-138567 - Button, Snow-Layer, Ladder, Tripwire-Hook, Lever, Torch, Vines, Fences, Walls, Iron-Bars and Glass-Panes can connect to Stonecutters
  • MC-138578 - You can dye a sign in the same color as the sign is already dyed in
  • MC-138588 - Vsync setting disabling itself on fullscreen switch
  • MC-138979 - Scaffolding switches quicky between entity and block when placed on some non-solid blocks
  • MC-138982 - Scaffolding connects to fences, walls etc.
  • MC-138989 - Unable to go down column of scaffolding that is not connected to the ground
  • MC-139000 - Certain items glitch when rendered
  • MC-139022 - Illager beast roars hurt Illagers
  • MC-139048 - Illager patrol spawn rate seems to be too high
  • MC-139100 - Scaffolding breaks when placed on some blocks
  • MC-139141 - Mushroom stem blocks changed color on maps
  • MC-139175 - Waterlogged Scaffolding keeps Waterlogged state when falling

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

Adrian Östergård
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