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Minecraft Marketplace's Spooky Season is here! This picture is filled with spooky skins, all huddled around a campfire!

Minecraft Marketplace Spooky Season

Scary skins and spine-chilling adventures!

As someone who jumps at every zombie groan, every creeper hiss, and every witch’s cackle, the idea of a whole month of spookiness fills me with equal measures of excitement and fear. Excitement because it’s officially sweater weather, fear because this month is Minecraft Marketplace’s Spooky Season, which means my Realm buddies are dressed in a whole host of terrifying new skins, and there are even more spooky surprises in store. What spooky surprises, you wonder? Let's find out!

Delve into a whole host of curated Halloween content to make your Spooky Season the spookiest.  Explore the dark and creature-filled corners of Haunted Park by Everbloom Games, uncover a chilling ritual in Shiver Mist Island by Monster Egg Studios, play Trick or Treat with Lifeboat Games, or test your courage in the Scariest Map Ever from Sapphire Studios, to name just a handful of spooky delights. Grab your friends or venture in alone, just be ready!

From today (October 25) you’ll also be able to grab two sets of Minecraft Dungeons-inspired Character Creator items: the Hungriest Horror and the Cloaked Skull Armor sets! Inspired by the seasonal rewards in Minecraft Dungeons, these spooky get-ups are sure to get you in the Halloween mood, and even better: the Cloaked Skull Armor set is free!

Who doesn’t want to run around their Overworld giving zombies a taste of their own scare-medicine? Of course I forgot the zombies won’t actually run away from you, and lost another inventory, but who is counting at this point? Not me! (Mainly because the number is so high I have forgotten…) 


New Minecraft Dungeons Hero Skin Pack

If that wasn’t enough Minecraft Dungeons fun, there’s also a very special crossover pack coming to Marketplace today: the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Skin Pack!

For the first time you can dress up as your favorite Minecraft Dungeons characters and tame an allay as Adrienne, fight the Ender Dragon as Hex, venture into the Nether as Valorie, take on the deep dark as Hal, and more! Featuring 13 skins, including the main Minecraft Dungeons heroes, exclusive cross-play skins and familiar faces, this pack marks the first character crossover between Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft. Perhaps I’ll dive into the Scariest Map Ever dressed up as Hex? That’ll give me an advantage, surely!

See you for some more spooky fun down at Minecraft Marketplace, friends!

*Minecraft Marketplace content requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Limit of 1 free item per person/per account. From 10/4/22 10 a.m. PST through 11/8/22 10 a.m. PST. 

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