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Magic: The Gathering comes to Minecraft

Behold, Planeswalkers, our latest skin pack!

Great news, Planeswalkers! A plague of terrifying monsters and necromancers have broken free of their 2D cardboard prisons, and are now fully 3D horrors terrorizing your world. Or, to put that in a happier way, the Magic the Gathering skin pack is available for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition now! Hooray! And it's coming to consoles very soon, too! DOUBLE HOORAY! UPDATE: It's now on Console Edition too! MEGA HOORAY!

We've 'crafted up' some of the most iconic stars of the card game's history, including necromancy master Liliana Vess, lion-lookalike Ajani Goldmane, and archangel Avacyn. We asked one of the Minecraft skin artists, Sarah Kisor, about what it was like to work on such a magical pack:

The Magic pack was an interesting challenge reconciling the complexity of the characters with the simplicity of Minecraft, but incredibly rewarding to see them come to life in our style. Each character is intricately detailed, so it was imperative that we focused on their most iconic features in order to make them immediately recognizable as their awesome pixelated selves. I myself am a complete lore-hound (is that a real term? I'm making it one) so it was especially fun working within the extensive lore the world of Magic the Gathering had to offer. Sarah Kisor

As always, a few of these skins are completely free so you can try them for yourself now!

Or, if you think us taking your favourite MTG characters and making them blocky and adorable is sacrilege, send your hate mail to or Tweet @lalalalawearenotlistening.

Or just admit it's great and enjoy the pack!

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