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A Minecraft Legends hero character fighting piglins inside an arena. Piglin launchers are visible on the edge of the coliseum.

Lost Legends: When Pigs Fly

Watch out for falling piglins in this free challenge!

At this point we’re all on the same page: piglins are the worst. But thankfully, it’s hard to imagine anything making them worse. Huh? What’s that? Oh, they can fly now? That’s just great.

Get ready for an aerial attack in When Pigs Fly, the latest Lost Legend – free for the taking on Minecraft Legends Marketplace as usual. In this challenge, you are stuck inside a coliseum as piglins charge at you from above. Random waves of piglins will attack you from three piglin launchers located on the edge of the arena. You only have a total of three lives, and your goal is to survive for as long as possible by fighting back with your allies and choosing upgrades wisely between the waves of piglins.

This Lost Legend includes a stats system that allows you to upgrade your and your allies’ abilities. You can get the upgrades from three chests inside the arena which unlock in between waves. These upgrades can boost attack damage, damage resistance, speed, and knockback.

Once you’ve survived ten waves of piglins, you’ll be able to claim your reward from another chest inside the arena: the Emerald Cheetah mount skin! But the challenge only ends when you choose to exit or lose all your lives(!), so why not continue and see how many more waves you can withstand?

Will you emerge victorious from the arena? Will the piglins ever stop surprising us in awful ways? One thing's certain, we will never stop fighting back! Keep an eye on, @legends_game, and our Discord for the latest updates. 

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